DANIELboy - Killingly police cream and ns Killingly Residenns Trooperns office cream are investigate a computer-based scamera that reportedly led to a collection of pha callns in which one elderly womale in Danielboy revealed her financiatogether information and also was bilked out of $4,000.

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follow to state police, spanning ns previous numerous weeks, a 74-year-old female victns noticed a pop-uns messPeriod top top her computer that said "ixplore" but did not click on it.

~ above Tuesday, police said she started see one more pop-uns that sassist "Microsoft" promptinns her to speak to a pha number.

the victim supposedly dubbed the number, police said, and a masculine doubt with a foreign accent, possibly Indian, answered.

Police sassist the masculine suspect began asking her financiatogether questions and reportedly kbrand-new ns name of among she financial institutions.

ns suspect Furthermore provided ns telepha number of ns institution, asking her to verify your legitimacy.

Police cream said the doubt climate directed the victim come provide she name, society defense number, driver’ns license number, cell pha number and also IRA accounting number, which sthat provided.

ns doubt Furthermore inquiry her to provide ns pen number come accessibility she IRA account, yet sthe go no carry out it.

follow come police, ns doubt then instructed she to walk to Target and also Purchase $4,000 in gifns cards, requesting 2 gift cardns the $2,000.

Police sassist the suspect continued callinns the victns to do certain she was carrying the end hins instructions.

after purchasing ns Target gift cards as requested, police cream shelp sthe was request come provide the doubt via ns card details and also accessibility numbers by scratchinns turn off the backs of ns cards.

~ doing this, the doubt said the victim come not tell anyone, threatening come lock ns account she offered previously over the pha and frozen she money.

Police sassist thins wtogether a part the the scamera in order come get the victim’s confidence.

In addition, police said ns suspect supplied watch legitimate state in ns con, such as "Microsoft" and also "Fraud protection Team."

follow come police, throughthe end ns svideo camera phone call, the doubt hADVERTISEMENT accomplices, moving ns victim a number of time During a number of phone calls.

Police shelp ns suspect called ns victns from toll free numbers: (800) 642-7676 and (877) 777-0006.

ns initially pha number ns suspect used, (800) 642-7676, ins a legit number because that Microsoft, however, police warning citizens the scammerns can usage a technique called "spoofing" come make it appear castle are callinns native any kind of pha number they choose.

when it might appear a Person or company is calling, it may be a scammer.

Police warn inhabitants the legitimate company will certainly not take end their computers come proccasion them from working or repursuit money be sent come castle in the develop that gifns cards.

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Anya uncertain the the legitimacy the a pop-uns or has watched a similar selectronic camera pop-up to the a defined ins encouraged contact their regional police department.