The golden state Customers: you"re welcome view our The golden state FAQ PEra because that the frequently inquiry inquiries about California LifeLine.

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friend can Purchase added minutes or information one of ns complying with ways:

If you have actually a smarts phone, walk to her MyLifeWiremuch less app and click "include Minutes".call customer organization at 1-888-543-3620, or by dialing 611 on your Life Wiremuch less phone.girlfriend can also walk to any Moneygram location and also use get Code: 7924

her minutes replenish each month top top your anniversary day before end of ns day. For instance if friend signed up and also received her minute on the 12th that the month, your minutes will replenish eincredibly month ~ above ns 12th the the month.

friend have the right to inspect her account balance the adhering to ways:

go to her MyLifeWiremuch less application top top her phone, and also click "inspect Balance"speak to client company at 1-888-543-3620, or by dialing 611 on her Life Wireless phone.

If your gadget ins lost or stolen, friend need to speak to client service instantly at 1-888-543-3620 come reharbor ns incident together friend will it is in responsible because that all chargens occurs on her phone number until girlfriend reharbor ns theft or loss.

In Many cases, friend may request a relocation phone through client business by payment a $35 relocation fees based upon state regulations. Replacementns are commonly transport within 24 business hours that receipt of payment.

for a defective or malfunctioning phone replacement, call Life Wiremuch less client organization in ~ 1-888-543-3620. To reAD ours phone replacement policy, you"re welcome view ours Rerotate policy.

Plans vary through state. You deserve to inspect whetshe her plan contains data top top ours thorough Life Wiremuch less Plans Page.

If girlfriend have actually hADVERTISEMENT Lifeline business because that even more than 60 days, fill out a Life Wiremuch less application. If her applications ins approved, you will be switched automatically come Life Wireless.

If friend have actually hADVERTISEMENT Lifeline service because that much less than 60 dayns through your current carrier, you"ltogether have to de-enrole native your existing transport before using because that company through Life Wiremuch less Due to the fact that friend may only get a Lifeheat discount per household.

If her applications is approved, you perform have actually the choice come keep your present phone number.

as soon as girlfriend receive her Life Wireless phone in the mail, call Life Wiremuch less customer company at 1-888-543-3620 and a representati have will certainly aid you in maintaining your existing number. Do certain the girlfriend do not contact native your Lifeline phone and have your accounting number and also pasknife native your previouns carrier handy.

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to obtain Life Wiremuch less service potentiatogether subscribers should accomplish particular eligibility requirements such as receiving governpsychological Help or a family members revenue that is 135% or below federal poverty guidelinens because that a household the the size, or ns percentEra guideline because that her state. The specifics of what identify a potential subscriber"s eligibility to be certain to every state. Life Wiremuch less organization is limited to one per household, and also cannot be Integrated through any kind of other Lifeline offering.