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residential or commercial property Type Office cream - general Office residential or commercial property Size 778,370 Sqft Lons Size 63.23 Acre Parking Spaces Avail.

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3269 Parking Ratio 4.20/ 1,000 SF home Tenancy Multi-Tenant structure Class B Year Built 1991




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Acquisition Date 22 Aug, 2006 Arm"s Length True


market Trends

AverEra Actual leas in Islandia

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questioning leas in Islandia Office cream Market

Office rental rates are based upon aggregated information of asking rates.

2020 Avg. Asking Rent $26.39 2020 Office Vacancy Rate 9.90% 2020 Office cream Completion (Sqft) watch even more Islandia market trends


home taxation in 2020-2021 $4,691,498 sector Value $97,612,371 Assessed Value $97,612,371

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generally asked Questions

What is ns full squto be footAge the 1 CA Plaza?

1 CA Plaza totals 778,370 square feet.

as soon as was this home built?

1 CA Plaza wtogether constructed in 1991.

once wtogether 1 CA Plaza critical sold?

1 CA Plaza wtogether last offered top top 22 Aug, 2006.

Wcap is ns building tax because that 1 CA Plaza?

the residential or commercial property tax because that 1 CA Plaza in 2020-2021 wtogether $4,691,498.

Wcap ins ns market value for 1 CA Plaza?

the industry worth for 1 CA Plaza in 2020-2021 was $97,612,371.

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