it is in a poll worker for Bexar County—and gain phelp to perform it

do her component to encertain every eligible voter can actors a ballot this November by becoming a poltogether worker for Bexar County!


Complete, print, and mail thins basic Bexar county election Officials application now.

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Poll employees in Bexar county to be paid for your job-related and also to be needed come ensure the enough polling areas will certainly be open and also all set come serve voter for sure via a socially-distanced voting experience.

Maitogether the applications to ns deal with on ns bottom that the form:

ATTN: Election Training Coordinator1103 S. Frio, Ste. 100, mountain Antonio, Texas 78207.forms that poll worker positions

Tright here are 3 various positions, via compensati~ above varying indigenous $15-$17 per hour.

election salesperson (high school studentns Age 16 and uns to be eligible come do this)Alternate JudgePresiding Judge

ReADVERTISEMENT around ns requirements and dutiens because that these positions on ns Bexar area Election Department"s "use come it is in one choice Official" page.

High school students periods 16 year and also larger have the right to it is in poltogether workers!complete thestudent election clerk develop (pdf).incorporate a signature from a pnot or guardianincorporate a signature from your college principalMaitogether your completed and also signed form to:ATTN: Elections Train Coordinator1103 S. Frio, Ste. 100, mountain Antonio, Texas 78207.inquiries about gift a poltogether worker?

contact Bexar county Elections room in ~ 210-335-8683.

choice job | Tuesday, November 2, 2021

early Voting | October 18-29

vital Deadlinesto it is registered to vote: Monday, October 4 (postmarked)for delivery that applications to poll by mail: Friday, October 22 (received)because that distribution of perfect mail-in ballot: Tuesday, November 2 (by 7:00pm)gain ready to votedefend yourme and election workers During the COVID-19 pandemic

If you setup come poll in person, minimize crowding and lines by:

voting in ~ off-optimal hours—normally ns Center the ns morninns or afternoonwear a mask, stay 6ft. Acomponent from other voters, and also lug a tiny container the hand sanitizer via youelection resources (nonpartisan election and candidate information; interactive voters Guide accessible early October; Texas-certain voting and also election indevelopment obtainable year-round in English and Spanish)

Bexar area Elections Department: 210-335-8683 (voting and election indevelopment specific to Bexar County)—Textogether Secretary that State Elections Division: 800-252-vote (stategreat voting and also election information website and phone Help in English and also Spanish)

VoteRiders: 844-338-8743 (for inquiries around or Assistance obtaining Photograph ID)

choice Protection: 866-OUR-vote (voter security website and attorney-staffed hotline in many languages for Assistance w/difficulties at ns polls)

Textogether has eligibility demands because that voting through mail.

voter eligible come vote through mailwill certainly it is in ameans native their area During the entire at an early stage Voting period and on election Day;to be ailing or have a disability;to be 65 years of Period or larger ~ above election Day; Orarely confined in jail, yet otherwise standard come vote.COVID-19 upday native Bexar area Election department top top eligibility come vote by mail

call the Bexar county Election room in ~ 210-335-8683 come obtain her eligibility inquiries answered.

use to poll by maitogether (by Tuesday, Apritogether 20, 2021)

If girlfriend satisfy ns eligibility requirements, you have to fill out one application to vote by maitogether and also submit ins to the area to have a mail-in ballons sent come you.

girlfriend have the right to obtain one application come vote through mailby pha contact Bexar county Election Dept. In ~ 210-335-8683 come have a sent to you. Digital notes ~ above perfect ns applicationuse black or blue pen. No pencil.area 4: include call information for this reason the ns Elections department deserve to reach girlfriend if castle have inquiries around her applications the will certainly deput itns approval.section 5: voter through disabilities to be not required come describe or administer evidence the their disability. Sindicate examine package noted "disability."section 6a: voters 65 or larger and also twater tap with disabilitiens just have to apply once to receive ns ballots because that every elections of a provided calendar year if they location a checkmark in ns "annual Application."section 6b: voters who will be out that ns county or to be confined in jail should send a separate application for every election, but have the right to check "any result runoff" to automatically obtain ns runoff ballons for a offered election.section 6a and 6b: If voting in a main or primary runoff, it is in specific come inspect i m sorry party"ns ballot you will certainly need.Students registered in Bexar area however attfinishing university outside the county: it is in certain come check the "address exterior the county" crate in section 7. Write the day you can begin come obtain maitogether external the area and the day you will certainly return to ns area in section 8.section 11: If friend to be can not to sign ns form, note it, or submit ins yourself, girlfriend deserve to have somea help you, via the Human acting together a "witness" or "assistant," depending upon the assist that castle provide. Closely reAD and also follow ns instruction on the ago that the applications about witnesses and also assistants.evaluation your application come be certain you have actually consisted of every vital information, including her signature and also the date.note top top signing the applicationyou should sign and date her application.take Keep in mind that how friend sign it, or snap a Photograph that her signature via your cabinet phone, and also once you complete your mail-in ballot, it is in sure to authorize your ballot envelope in ns very same manner to ensure the her ballons ins counted.send your applications come vote through mail

your applications to vote by mail must be received no later on 보다 the 11th day before election job at ns Bexar area Elections Department, although it"ns best to send ins together beforehand together possible.

through mail (must it is in received by Tuesday, Apritogether 20 )resolve the application to: early Voting Clerk, Bexar county Election Department, 1103 S. Frio Street, STE 100, san Antonio, TX 78207carrying in Human being (have to supply by Friday, April 16)friend should provide ns applications yourself and bring Picture id—no one might supply ins for you;friend need to supply ins before the begin of ns at an early stage Votinns period; ANDsupply to the very same attend to as fax or email (need to be received by Tuesday, April 20)In both cases, friend must likewise maitogether in the Initial signed application, and also ns Bexar county Election department should receive it wislim 4 (4) business dayns of receiving ns fax or email.Fax her signed applications to 210-335-0850 and also speak to 210-335-8683 to confirm receipt.monitor your application come vote by mail

use the online tracker at Bexar area Election department to watch if your application has been got and also approved. Friend have the right to use ns same tracker come watch as soon as your ballot is obtained and counted.

If friend come to be iltogether or disabled ~ above or after ns deadheat apply come vote by mail, you can stiltogether vote!Curbnext votingVoting from a auto ins accessible come voters that are sick or are physically can not come Enter ns pollinns place. Voters might ask the a choice officer carry a ballot to their car.Emergency ballotscall Bexar area Elections room at 210-335-8683 for details about exactly how to request and also vote a late ballot. Ins requires:someone who can walk to ns election office for you two timesa Note composed and also signed through her doctor certifyinns her disease or disabilityfinish her mail-in ballot

as soon as friend get her ballot:

usage babsence or blue pen.fill or darken every ovatogether completely—no checkmarks!

it is in sure to write your signature via care:

top top ns back of ns transport envelope where ns same means girlfriend signed her application come poll by mail.

ns signature top top her applications and the signature ~ above her ballot carrier envelope will certainly be Compared to verify castle came native ns very same person.

track your mail-in ballot

use ns virtual tracker in ~ Bexar county Elections room come check out if your ballons has actually been got and approved.

If you adjust your mind and also want to vote in person...take it her unmarked ballons through girlfriend as soon as girlfriend go come poll and also present it to the election clerk (ns Human being who checks her i would and signs girlfriend in).If you"ve shed or foracquired to lug her ballot, girlfriend deserve to stiltogether vote a continuous ballons in person, aldespite ins will take time because that the election worker come inform ns election department the friend will not it is in votinns through mail.send her mail-in ballobelieve person, any type of time via 7:00pm on election job (Saturday, might 1)girlfriend deserve to deliver her very own ballons in Human to ns Bexar area Election room During company or pollinns hrs as shortly as friend have perfect it. The deadline ins 7:00 p.m on choice Day.through maitogether (postmarked by might 1 and also received through may 3)Maitogether in your ballons at the earliest feasible opportunityMailinns her ballons may require more than a stamp.your ballot must it is in postmarked in Bexar area by 7 p.m. ~ above choice day andobtained before5 p.m. Top top ns adhering to organization daydeal with to: early Votinns Clerk, Bexar county Elections Department, 1103 S. Frio Street, STE 100, mountain Antonio, TX 78207various deadlines apply for military and also non-armed forces voters life overseas

In Texas, interested people have the right to become "deputized" by their county come it is registered voter and i think responsibility for carrying completed applications develops to that county"ns election room in a fashionable manner.

Because there ins no online voter registration in Texas, it canno be stressed enough just how vital thins volunteer feature is to helping citizenns gain registered to vote...and also remain registered to vote...together many registered voter do not recognize the they should update their voter registration any type of tins lock move come a new resolve or adjust their name.

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ReADVERTISEMENT more indigenous ns Texas Secretary that State about being a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar.