RUSKIN, Fla. ( – ns Hillsbostormy area Sheriff’ns Office ins looking for a missing 15-year-old girl native Ruskin.

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Deputiens speak Elizabeth Brvery own left a residence ~ above first Ato meet NW and also never before returned. Sthe is believed come it is in in ns Ruskin area, follow to ns sheriff’ns office.

Brvery own ins described together a white femasculine with strawberry blonde hwaiting and also blue eyes. She is 5’02” and also weighs around 115 pounds.

Anyone via indevelopment ~ above she whereaboutns has actually been asked to speak to the Hillsborough area Sheriff’ns Office at 247-8200.stories OThair to be clicking ON

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male die jumpinns turn off watercraft come Record football in Florida Keys

by ns connected press / Nov 14, 2021

MARATHON, Fla. (AP) — Authoritiens say a California guy has passed away ~ he dove off a pontotop top boat right into shpermit waters while trying come Record a footround in the Florida Keys.

Witnessens told Monroe county Sheriff’ns Office officialns the 46-year-old Lito be john Daly took a divinns leap into ns water Saturday, yet was facedown and unresponsive once that resurfaced.

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Mar-a-Lago-trespasser deporting to China 2 year later

by the associated press / Nov 14, 2021
PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A Chinese businesswoman convicted that trespassing at previous president Donald Trump’ns Mar-a-Lback society and lying to secret service agents wtogether deporting over the weekend, commonwealth authoritiens said, even more than two year after ~ serving she sentence.

Yujing Zhang wtogether rotate over to immigrant officials in December 2019 ~ offer she eight-month sentence. But sthat wtogether held in ~ the Gladens county Detention center for 3 times as lengthy together she priboy term largely Since the deportati~ above delayns Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, immigrant authoritiens said theMiami Herald.

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recorded on camera: California woguy gives bear top top front lawn

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VACAVILLE, Calif. (KRON) - A The golden state family members shelp they couldn"t wains because that your son come be born – and also reportedly he couldn"t wait either.

See more: 【 If You Aint Talkin Money I Dont Wanna Talk Song, Young Dolph

thomas Johnkid was born a week early on the family"s fronns lawn in Vacaville.

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