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the 16GB SDHC storage map too much class 10 native SanDisk is a high-performance storage card. It improves ~ above ns previous version"s 30 MB/ns max reAD / create rate through giving quicker 45 MB/s performance. Minimum write rate is still 10 MB/s. This information rates get girlfriend prepared for ns next swarm faster, and also reduced down top top wait tins when you"re moving her work from map to PC.ns huge 16 GB memory gives ample storEra space. Design with the HD video shooter in mind, thins map will not offer you lans time in in between video clips, also in ~ ns highest possible resolution. Rated in ~ UHs rate course 1 (U1) ins has been developed to carry out optimized performance for 3D and also complete HD (1080p) videotape recording as a UHS-ns card.

Note! UHns speed course 1 designatens a power choice draft come assistance real tins video tape record in UHS-ns enabled hold devices. Complete HD video(1920x1080x30fps) and HD video assistance might vary based ~ above organize device.

High Capacity16 GB information storEra volume gives ample Gap because that stiltogether imPeriod and also HD video tape documents Rapid ReAD / write Performanceboosts ~ above the previouns version"ns 30 MB/s max. ReADVERTISEMENT / write rate by giving much faster 45 MB/s performance. Minimum create speed is stiltogether 10 MB/s. This data rates acquire you ready because that the following swarm faster, and cut down top top wait time once you"re carrying her occupational indigenous card to PC--i beg your pardon you"ll absolutely evaluate when working with large life and also HD video tape documents UHs rate class 1 (U1)Officiallied rated a super-Quick UHS-i card, the implies as soon as her excessive too much class 10 map is combine with UHS-ns allowed organize devices, it will certainly support real time video tape record in full HD at the fastest rate feasible Write-safeguard Switchan easy flins that the move ~ above ns side that the memory map protectns your photons and videons indigenous accidentallied gift erased native her memory card

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