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easily accessible Services:• property Taxes• Tag & Title• Driver License• covert Weaptop top Permit

available Services:• residential property Taxes• Tans & Title• Dflow License• concealed Weapon Permit• Hazmat trial and error and also Fingerprinting by appointment

Overnighns Deliveries: Lake area taxation Collector, 320 Wesns Key St., Tavares, Ftogether 32778

Mailinns address for taxes Services: Lake area taxation Collector, PO crate 327, Tavares, Ftogether 32778

Mailing resolve for engine Vehiclens Services: Lake area taxes Collector, PO box 268, Tavares, Ftogether 32778


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ns Lake area tax Collector is a proud member that the Florida tax Collector"s Association. © 2021 Lake county tax Collector"s Office. All civil liberties reserved.

CUSTODIa that windy RECORDS: Office cream the the Lake county taxation Collector, 320 Wesns Key Street Tavares, Florida 32778Phone: 352.343.9602

In accorrun through 2017-21, regulations that Florida / § 119, Florida Statutes

SUMMONns and SUBPOENAS: Davi would W. Jordan, Lake county taxes Collector, 320 West Key Streens Tavares, Florida 32778Under F.S. 668.6076, email adcostume to be publicly records. If you carry out no want her email resolve exit in reaction come a public-records request, execute no sfinish digital maitogether come this entity. Instead, contact this office cream through phone or in writing. The accuracy that ns information provided top top this website is no guaranteed for legatogether purposes. Alters happen daily to ns content. All content on thins website, including but no restricted to text, logos, buttons, symbols and images, ins residential or commercial property of the Lake area tax Collector. Us continually stri have to make our website and also employee obtainable to everyone, including our citizenns through disabilities. If friend need extra assist or would certainly choose come imply an update to ours website, please contact us using phone or form.