It starts operation stormy because that around 3 seconds then turn off off..Wcap is the procedure come reset the antns theft control..

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exactly how execute friend remainder ns alarm system .....the Jeens Cherokee 00 will not also start... Ns have actually 2 keys,2 phobs . I have some monster programming issues through unlock, programmable drivers seat...ect. Help !!!

how come solve ns alarm top top a 2000 jeens grand Cherokee larado ins operation and starts up fine, but won"t set aleight any type of answers

ns have a 1997 grand also jeens Cherokee Laredo. Locked itself. Currently keys no unlock doors. . Startns climate shuts down..called ins was defense system.

What to do?? additionally wtogether called ins was after ~ markmark



ns obtained ns same trouble it startns and operation 3 to 5 seconds ns tired whatever wcap else deserve to i carry out ns go the door crucial trick and nothing unwalk battery and also rebooked and same

her trouble ins frequently 1 the 2 issues, either 1. Ns crucial chins has not been programmed, or has been dumped after ~ as well many type of keys were added, or 2. Ns Wcentimeter (a small electronic tool associated to her ignition switch, the has a loop that goens roughly ns cylinder and also “reads” the key) has failed, which is actually a Typical thing through a few modelns the jeeps and also certain modelns in reality hADVERTISEMENT a respeak to a few year earlier Because ins was so widespread.

come assist determine i beg your pardon problem ins is, tright here are a couple of concerns to ask yourself.

First, has actually thins essential ever retained the automobile running, or ins it a freshly cut copy. If it ins a new copy, 보다 you may must take it it to a dealer or lockblacksmith together with ns car come have the vital programmed.

Second, if the crucial wtogether a functioning a before, have you recently hADVERTISEMENT any type of brand-new keys reduced and programmed? If girlfriend have actually gained new secrets because that ns car it ins feasible that the key gained turned off During regime that ns brand-new keys, either Due to the fact that the locksmith/dealer cleared existinns keys, or Due to the fact that girlfriend exceeded maximum number of keys permitted by ns WCM, i m sorry will delete oldest secrets first as new ones are added. Most Jeeps will certainly permit a max the generally 6 keys to be combine to ns car, and also part programming Solution offered through locksmith will clean all tricks before programming keys, ins is always ideal to take all existinns tricks through girlfriend come the lockblacksmith or dealer if friend to be having actually a new one programmed therefore they have the right to do sure castle every obtain back in ns computer system at the very same time, and also Many locksmiths and also dealershipns will certainly charge the same whether lock regimen 1 or all 6 together lengthy together it is da at ns exact same time.

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however if neither the these scenarions apply, you most likely have actually a bADVERTISEMENT WCM, and i would suggest first off the friend check to check out if tbelow ins a recall on her particular vehicle, together girlfriend may it is in entitcaused a cost-free fix if affected through a recall, otherwise friend have the right to eitshe have ns Wcm reput and reprogrammed, or there to be some tutorials online for deleting/rerelocating the WCM, although that is not recommfinish and will certainly leaving friend with 1 much less anti thefns device, ins ins one choice that have the right to be done at your very own risk.