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Thins ins a institution year like no other!

discover out wcap important services friend deserve to access through the student Union now.

accessible VOTINns LOCATION

the college student Union ins hostinns a in-Human being votinns place because that ns upcomes California Gubernatorial Recall Election. You can also drop turn off your ballons either through drive/walk-up ballons drop.

booked Hours:Saturday, Sept. 11, 7am-6pm Sunday, Sept. 12, 8am-6pmMonday, Sept. 13, 8am-6pmTuesday, Sept. 14, 6am-10pm

MLK Jr.Building2495 Bancroft WayUC startupcuba.orgEnattempt turn off top Sproul Plaza


certain delivery that her packages. Free and simple returns. Don’t forget to sign uns because that element student via her .startupcuba.org.edu account!

current Hours:9am-9pm 7 dayns a week

MLK Jr.Building2495 Bancrofns WayUC startupcuba.orgEntry turn off top Sproul Plaza

startupcuba.org art STUDIO

now to run indoor and also the end classes on ns UC startupcuba.org campuns and also online classes. Our ceramics studio is finally re-open! loss registration ins now open. Take a 7 mainly arts class or a weekfinish creative workshop.

CAtogether student STORE

ns Cal college student keep is the official keep the UC startupcuba.org and also ns only one that gives earlier to college student institutions and also programs. Currently girlfriend can stimulate virtual and also choose up curbnext or shons in ns store.


present Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pmSunday 11am-5pm

MLK Jr.Building2495 Bancroft WayUC startupcuba.orgEntry at Bancrofns and also Telegraph Avenue


cost-free confront COVERINGS

Soptimal by Eshlemale hall through her college student identifier come pick up two complimentary Cal-themed challenge coverings!


current Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Eshleman Hall2465 Bancrofns WayUC startupcuba.orgEnattempt ~ above lower Sproutogether Plaza


ns Food Panattempt is an emergency food relief it is provided because that all UC startupcuba.org students (undergraduate and graduate), staff, visiting scholars, postdocs, and faculty. To prioritize the security of our community, us have convert come a (decreased contact) grocery bans food distribution.

because that current hrs inspect out the Food Pantry website.

MLK Jr.Building2495 Bancrofns WayUC startupcuba.orgEnattempt turn off reduced Sproul Plaza in ~ phia bìc end of Building


College wellness services is to run a Covid-19 vaccination clinic appropriate in ns student Union. Walk-ins welcome! open up to all Students, Faculty, and Staff.

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hrs Vary: inspect UHns Website

MLK Jr. Building2495 Bancroft WayUC startupcuba.orgGet in turn off upper Sproutogether Plaza at east side of Building

you"re welcome NOTE-you need to AGREE come ns adhering to plans come accessibility our ON-CAMPUns SERVICES:

every travellers need to stay a confront extending upon entering any kind of campus building (exception: as soon as girlfriend are in a exclusive and encloseup of the door room by yourself.)execute not Get in campuns or the student Unitop top buildings if you are emotion ill.

College the California, startupcuba.org