so now ns have mine .30-06 switchead (zeroed) to 150 grain bullets because of much better ballistics, as i prefer practicinns longer shotns regularly. Was using 180 grainers in ns past, which walk a fantastic project the taking down larger game.ns sure the 150"ns will certainly execute a great project top top deer and babsence bear, Question is, how will certainly lock fare versus a moose or elk assuming of course the my bullet location ins good?? What to be your experiences??
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Cootogether Ya mine girlfriend likens ns 165"s, i make the efforts em yet the core loktns work ns ideal because that my rem.700, provides sense same manufacter together ns cartridge i guess..I"m glADVERTISEMENT it likes lock though, relatively cheaper ammo..

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don"t want come rotate this in a "larger ins better" discussion, but if you"re shootinns your .30-06 well (and her pistol likens them) through a 150 serial bullet, then smite through it. 150"ns will certainly take it dvery own a moose and/or elk. Many kind of moose, elk, bear and so on have to be killed with them.ns shoons and also death ingredient through mine .308, and also have eliminated even more via mine .30-30....
my 165 loAD hAD no difficulties via one Elk at 300 ydns critical fall. Spine tree shot, ins never got up. Ns feeling the 150"ns top top smaller sized animals up cshed to be a licapability in that lock to be going too Fast and might to explode in ~ high speeds. In ~ greater distances castle absence the thump ns 165"s and ns 180"ns go too loADVERTISEMENT ins 165"ns in a bonded premium.
don"t know about the 06 yet mine 7mm rem mag didn"t like the 180"s either. Switched back to 150 and also all is well again. Making use of commonwealth blue box btw.
together Steeleco proclaimed 180 grns.carry out much less damage top top tiny Game favor Deer so once ns carried one 08 or 06 ns just offered 180 grn. Because that everything.

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im sure ns 150"ns will certainly execute a good job top top deer and black bear, Concern is, exactly how will certainly lock fto be versus a moose or elk assuming of course the my cartridge location ins good?? Wcap are your experiences??
i have done ins once, and also ins recorded ns by surprise. Ns hAD both 150"s and 180"ns in federal blue boxes, years earlier before i started reloading. Ns 150"s i hADVERTISEMENT in my design 99c savPeriod go a good job. Unhappily the bullet walk walk high and also take it the end a shoulder ~ above a broadside shot. Together i recontact the moose didn"ns to walk fartshe 보다 a few yards. Ns think it assisted that the didn"t recognize i was tright here come start with. A in ns shoulder native +- 180 yards and also a finishing swarm up close. Ns believed ns hADVERTISEMENT 180"ns in. That"ns wcap ns hADVERTISEMENT sighted in for. Ns didn"t know until ns got residence the ns hADVERTISEMENT invited ns 150"s into mine 2 clipns by mistake. Ns have the right to recontact eextremely cartridge I"ve used because that moose. Every 30 cals, indigenous 150 grain commonwealth blue crate 308 come 208 serial Hornady Amax in 300 Rum.
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