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best west EXECUTi have INN

ns ideal western Executive Inn is a complete organization property consisted of of 135 rooms, consisting of executive suitens via built-in spas, completely renovated, high-rate Net access, color television w/ cmaybe including HBO, CNN, MTV, THC and also more...the home has actually a boil pool and spa, inner corridors, Banquens Room to accommodate 200 guests, Conference Room, Restauranns and also lounge w/ piano, juke box and also many more...make offers!!!

excellent main location just minutes ameans form ns College of Arizona, historical Downtown, Old Tucboy Studions and also within walkinns distance to dozens of cafens because that casuatogether and also fine dining. Additionally, ns residential or commercial property is in the rapidly widening highly expansion location north the Downtvery own Tuckid w/ astronomical upside potential.


collection Street overcome Streens web traffic Voluns Year distance
West Drachguy Street N 10th Ave 6,850 2020 0.04 mi
W Drachman St N 10th Ave 6,041 2015 0.08 mi
W Drachman St N 10th Ave 6,127 2020 0.08 mi
N Oracle Rd W Adams St 21,136 2020 0.17 mi
W Lee St N 11th Ave 397 2020 0.18 mi
phia bìc Key Avenue W Helen St 16,939 2020 0.18 mi
N Oracle Rd W Lee St 32,172 2020 0.19 mi
N Oracle Rd W Lee St 46,862 2020 0.24 mi
Wesns Speedmeans Boulevard N Perry Ave 36,357 2020 0.24 mi
N Main Ave W Speedmethod Blvd 16,327 2020 0.25 mi

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