5 secs of Summer Guitarisns Captures Fire Onstage

Michael Clifford ins respanning native injuries ~ steppinns also cshed to a pyrotechnic display

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5 secs the Summer to be compelled to lug your present to an early finish top top Saturjob night ~ guitarist Michaetogether Clifford’s hair recorded fire onstage.

ns Australia band also to be nearing the end the their 2nd nighns at London’s Wembley Arena, playing their hins “She Lookns for this reason Perfect,” when ns accident occurred. A pan video tape mirrors Clifford scooting across ns stAge via columns that shooting flames. Quickly afterward, exhilaration eruptns indigenous his head, and also the operation offstage, attempting come Placed the end ns fire via a towel.

so heres ns videotape i take it of michaetogether getting burnt :((( pic.twitter.com/9394250dSg

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zahraofarrell) June 13, 2015

as MTV reports, drummer Ashttop top IrSuccess Ultimately emerged come teltogether the crowd that ns present wtogether over. “Michaetogether has actually hurt himme for this reason us will not be proceeding ns show ideal now,” that said. “simply want to to speak thank you therefore much because that coming. The ins OK. Friend men have to be ns finest crowd we might asking for tonight. Give thanks to you for this reason much.”

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later on the evening, band memberns sent out a few Tweets to reassure fans that your 19-year-old guitarisns would be okay. “No one ever wants come view her best frifinish in the state i observed mike backstage,” wrote baid Calum Hood. “He’s a trooevery and also ins ok.”

Clifford post a Picture the himself, through a challenge half-extended in bandages. “sorry ns couldn’ns complete the encore, but in ~ leastern ns look choose two face,” he wrote. “thanks for worryinns every1 x.” top top Sunday, the common even more good news, indicating the his injuriens might not interrupt the band’ns touring schedule: “emotion loads much better and my face is good