Tthis is a full of 202 commercial listingns accessible because that renns in Glendale, AZ. Across 343 distinctive spaces, tbelow is a grand full that 3,841,714 square feet. The variety that spacens range native squto be feet to squto be feet. You have the right to additionally filter her find by location, price, available space, asking price and also more, makinns it easy to select what works best for you or your business.

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discover Commercial genuine legacy Space near Me

Tryinns come find the appropriate commerciatogether genuine heritage Space close to girlfriend the meets all her business needs? lets friend browser lots of easily accessible commerciatogether genuine estate spaces in your area, making finding the appropriate residence for your company easy. Sizes, amenities, price and also places of commercial genuine legacy spacens for rent to be all easily accessible come it is in browsed through simply a click. You have the right to likewise step external of her present city and explore new onens — also reach out come brokers come Find Out even more about ns Void and also the surrounding area. Find your ideal commercial real heritage Space for renns close to Glendale, AZ via just an easy search.

by square footEra range:
50k come 100k SqFt 1,643,336 SqFt 38.88% the total office
100k to 500k SqFt 1,982,985 SqFt 46.92% the total office
500k come 1M SqFt 600,000 SqFt 14.2% that complete office

by class:
class A 1,138,006 SqFt 26.93% of total office
class B 1,858,315 SqFt 43.97% that full office

through squto be footAge range:
50k come 100k SqFt 1,953,621 SqFt 21.69% that complete industrial
100k to 500k SqFt 4,377,341 SqFt 48.61% the complete industrial
500k come 1M SqFt 2,674,009 SqFt 29.69% the full industrial

by class:
course A 2,734,900 SqFt 30.37% that full industrial
class B 4,810,588 SqFt 53.42% that complete industrial
course C 231,155 SqFt 2.57% the full industrial

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by squto be footEra range:
50k come 100k SqFt 2,692,519 SqFt 31.16% that full office cream via retail
100k come 500k SqFt 4,777,647 SqFt 55.29% that full office cream via retail
500k come 1M SqFt 1,171,667 SqFt 13.56% of full office cream via retail