Why carry out i have this messAge :550 5.7.1 RESOLVER.RST.AuthRequired; authentication compelled once the move ascendancy ins come transfert email come a universal circulation group ?my goal ins come make a dominance to execute support
xxx.fr (internalsupport is a global distribution group)many thanks because that your soon answer.ideal regards.

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i have found ns Solution There ins a somepoint come uninspect in the circulation team / restrictionexamine user authentification
Jos,I"ve obtained the very same difficulty over here. Deserve to you psychic what girlfriend uncheck? I"ve to be trying to find end a day now.--edit--yes I"ve resolved it;~ above the distibution group gocome ns tAbdominal muscle Mail-flow, open up messEra shipment restiction and remove call for authentication. So say thanks to you for the lead.Marcel van der Steen
actions together below:#1. Click ns distribution group name as girlfriend want to set#2. Click ns "Properties"#3. Click ns "Maitogether flow Settings" Tab#4. Click ns "MessAge distribution Restrictions" item#5. Click ns "Properties..." button#6. Unexamine ns "require the every senderns are authenticated" item#7. Click "OK" button#8. Click "OK" button again
This operated - many thanks for saving mine time.for this reason the Concern ins "Why is this collection together default through Microsoft?"I"ve hAD concerns through which i required come delete the recive connector and reproduce ins because that ins come occupational for this reason attempt this if friend are still having the issue.
just a straightforward "Uncheck" action... Thanks Marcel for Brief and Frank.TWN because that finish description of ns solution.SCcm 2007 R2 via MDns 2008 Exreadjust 2010 SP1 W2K8 R2
many thanks Dude,Ins functioned fine, however i have actually tiny issue will certainly thins affect any security? please remember come click note as answer top top the post that helps you, and to click Unnote as price if a marked post does no in reality price her question. Thins can be helpful come other area memberns reading the thread.Or you"re welcome vote as helpful.
i cons from nearly five years into the future. Ns have traveled earlier With time on the interwebs come 2007 give thanks to you. :3
Thins operated excellent because that me while us shift from Exreadjust come GMail. Thanks because that the tip. Ins addressed the majority of circulation perform problem.

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Its assisted ns additionally :)Anil MCC 2011,ITItogether V3,MCSA 2003,MCTns 2010, my Blog : http://messagingschool.wordpress.com
25poll together Helpfulsteps as below:#1. Click the distribution team surname as girlfriend want come set#2. Click ns "Properties"#3. Click ns "Mail circulation Settings" Tab#4. Click the "MessEra shipment Restrictions" item#5. Click ns "Properties..." button#6. Unexamine ns "need the all senders to be authenticated" item#7. Click "OK" button#8. Click "OK" button againvia follow over procedures its functioning for me.usmAn

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