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Space available 5,175 SF date obtainable Apr 2015
Space form Office cream building Llull type full business

class A office cream building. Basic access come I-480 and Rocknext Road. Abundant surface parking. ADA compliant. Cafe top top site. Conference and training room available.


repertoire Streens overcome Street website traffic Voluns Year street
Brecksville Rd Kleber Ct 12,466 2020 0.11 mi
I- 480 Brecksville Rd 137,651 2014 0.17 mi
I- 480 I- 77 13,931 2020 0.24 mi
I- 480 Brecksville Rd 144,607 2018 0.24 mi
I- 480 Brecksville Rd 159,358 2020 0.24 mi
I- 480 Brecksville Rd 150,180 2017 0.24 mi
I- 480 I- 77 19,331 2020 0.25 mi
I- 480 I- 77 19,693 2020 0.29 mi
I- 480 I- 77 13,105 2020 0.32 mi
Outerbelns southern Freeway W Canatogether Rd 163,318 2020 0.35 mi

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