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having actually abilities ins excellent and all. Just asking Lito be Neeson in “Taken.”

but having actually EX Skills? currently you talking, my friend.

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take it your truly, because that example. The initially tins ns play 7th Dragtop top IIns password VFD, ns battled every ns endVideo Game bossens withthe end mine EX Skills. In fact, it took me 4 failed tries with my Main teto be and a grudging party change come Banisher, Rune Knight and also Samurai prior to i ultimately triumphead against the last boss.

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Naturally, ins no till i finiburned ns campaign as soon as ns learn that ns could’ve obtained mine EX abilities earlier come do twater tap last Few bossens easier. Doh! for those that don’t know, EX abilities recurrent ns can be fried arts for every course and also have the right to only be triggered when in Exhausns state. Let’s just speak those critical Couple of boss fights would have gone much even more smoothly if ns hADVERTISEMENT them.

then again, ins wtogether nice cream to acquire an obstacle in ~ ns end the ns game, especially given exactly how simple war can acquire against consistent mobns and also dragons once you’ve got a solid teto be formed. For folks who want come burn via the final bossens when laughing favor maniacs, however, this is mine guide ~ above just how come get those EX skills or “ougis” ASAP. By ns way, make sure you conserve up enough Sns points to permit them. Each skill calls for 9,900 Sp to “buy.” for a list of every abilities by class, friend deserve to likewise examine the end ours 7th Dragon III: code VFD course ability Guide.

the key sauce meister

Yoshida isn’t just the name that a purveyor that deliciouns sauces and president the Sony worldwide Studios. It ins likewise the name of the NCOMPUTER who unlockns the course to EX abilities in 7th Dragon IIns code VFD. As soon as friend get come thing 5.1, you will certainly find manager Yoshida in ns R&D Floor. Speak to hns and hell pour out ns deliciouns beans on just how come acquire ns EX skills because that every personality based on your class. Simply make sure the ns character you desire come obtain EX skills for is Levetogether 50 and also the leader of her party, ‘mkay? I"ve written down the specific instructions for every course listed below so simply scroll dvery own if you require even more guidance. For twater tap the show off fighting, ns battle techniques to be because that folkns who take ns difficulties in ~ a lower level. I wtogether 70+ and already beat ns story through the time ns did mine and also mine attacks were pretty a lot overdeath at that point.


Indra’s Flames: substantial dmg: all. Mana: 40

after ~ talking come Yoshida, walk to ns advance Floor and you will certainly notice a glfan PC. Accessibility ins and also girlfriend will certainly it is in gift with numerous choices. Choose the following:

turn the computer system onInsert a virusGo into using a defense backdoorcracked ns executableaccessibility the database

~ makinns those choices, friend will gain a messAge saying “you hacked ns computer!” Hooray. You will certainly climate acquire instruction come walk come ns Lounge. Talk come the old guy close to ns piano. The “man in Black” (i son girlfriend not) will certainly to speak “Tera, dika, megithule.” Repein ~ his words. You will certainly then get a media storAge gadget with a suspicious code and also a satellite accessibility key. Girlfriend will then get a messAge that you have master “Indra’s Flames.” walk come your skill food selection and unlock it by payment 9,900 SP.


ultimate Lance | enormous dmg/Burn: one. Regain bombs. Mana: 30

If friend engAge in tiny chat through Brijilns in ~ ns Eden Evacuatitop top Ward if friend have actually a Levetogether 50 or higher Banisher together your teto be leader, she will tell friend around an effective weap~ above for the course the can be make by beating a Noble Rosier. Equip your team through equipment that defend against confusion climate walk to the Portatogether Room. Teleport come the Kazone Republicly and heAD come ns 191m High Arrival Point. Indigenous there, heAD come optimal wright here you will uncover the Noble Rosier waiting. Defeat it with your teto be come gain Rosier Clegislation and present it come Brijilt ago in ~ the Eden Evacuation Ward. Sthat will provide the claw to Sailas that craftns a things the enables friend come Learn ns can be fried Lance EX skill, a valuable strike that no just inflicts substantial damage yet refilling your bombns (thsquid Earthquake → can be fried Lance → Earthquake combo. Yikes!).


Summon: Tita | massive non-elemental magic dmg: all. Mana: 45

Forgain around the “Hearts that the Cards.” all you must obtain ns can be fried skill for ns card-wielding Dueperform is … a vfinishing machine. Seriously. when she ready, go to ns Conference Floor and also heADVERTISEMENT come the extremely left, then all the method up. You should check out a glimmer on the vending machine. Insert 1,000 AZ to acquire a item. This part can take a if together i Originally obtained ns “Vol. 2” and also “Vol. 3” items before lastly nabbinns the “Tita Gygtogether EX.” girlfriend will certainly climate gain a prompns speak the did you do it mastered the EX skill “Summ~ above Titan.” ns ability does enormous non-elepsychological damages to every targets.


Yggdrasil’ns Wind | Revive/reclaim LF/cure: every allies. Mana: 30

ns class could sound choose a Toyota SUV, but thins one’s nice straightforward to acquire offered that girlfriend have actually been payment fist throughout ns Video Game and rescuing cats in dungeons. Fortunately — pun so completely intended — ns a obsessive-compulsi have softy that made ins my missitop top in life to scour all dungeonns for felines together i played the game. Anyway, once did you do it rescued 30 cats, walk come ns Cat café close to ns medical bay. You’ll Eventually create a starinns contest through ns cats. Quickly thereafter, you will certainly Learn “Yggdrasil’ns Wind,” a EX ability the revives, reshop health and wellness and also curens all allies. Purrfect.

God Hand

Earth Breaker | huge dmg/Null Action: one. Mana: 30

through a Levetogether 50 or better God Hand leading her party, go to the Key Plaza and also talk come Blaster Raven. That will agree to a battle with girlfriend at the height floor that 7th Encount. If she not overleveled, equip accessories the proccasion blind status. Come bein ~ him in less 보다 4 turns, usage her maxed JAb ability to reach. Usage your JAbdominal — best Maxed — to construct up her God Depth to G3 climate usage a Levetogether 4 or greater Driltogether Clegislation or Quartetto. Loss hns and also girlfriend will get ns EX skill Planet Breaker.


finish that ns civilization | massive dmg/Paralyze/Bleed: all. Mana: 40

This has to be ns most basic EX skill to acquire. Go come ns reference Room library with a Level 50 mEra together her leader. This will immediately cause an event including a Publication dubbed the “666 Sightns the the World.” you will do it soon notice a marker ~ above her map for its location. HeAD come the height best location shelvens and you’ll watch one of twater tap familiar sparklinns pointns as soon as aobtain top top among the bookcases. Check it to obtain ns book. ReAD ins and also girlfriend will certainly achieve ns EX ability “end of ns World.” Thins skill not just inflicts good damages yet a pair of standing impacts together well.

Rune Knight

Odin’s RPeriod | huge dmg/Freeze?LF absorb: one. Mana: 45

speak come Eigur at ns Atlantis Evacuati~ above Ward with a Levetogether 50 or better Rune Knighns leading your active party. Eigur will then speak to friend about a mystery Book that deserve to just be reADVERTISEMENT by the the strongest existinns Rune Knight. That offered to be Kinns Utrello of Atlantis, that has actually Due to the fact that perished, yet Eigur knows the location that the book. Walk come Berns Sea Palace, climate fulfill Eigur in ~ the royal residence gate and the will leADVERTISEMENT girlfriend to a mystery room where you battle each various other one-on-one come identify who the strongest Rune Knighns in the civilization is. Use a Max level Brave knife and also girlfriend should be able to bein ~ him. If Brave sword is not maxed and also she no at a suevery high level, use drain knife twice then Brave Sword. Beat Eigur and also friend will certainly get ns Jormungand also Manuscript, i beg your pardon unlocks the EX skill Odin’ns Rage.

Samurai: Duatogether Blade

please blossoms | huge dmg: one. Mana: 25

to dual your Duatogether tongue pleacertain as a samurai, heAD to ns medical Floor and also talk come Yoritomo. Choose “Duatogether Blade” then go come “rest Floor.” take it ns elevator come the Tergyeongju and prize Yoritomo’s questions about what you would certainly perform if tbelow wtogether a huge sinkinns ship via 1,000 passengers. Pick the following choices:

“proceed ~ above come ns ship.”“we need to take it ins down!”“emphasis top top conserving mine family!”

girlfriend will climate obtain ns EX ability “fallen Blossoms,” i beg your pardon does hefty damages on a target.

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Samurai: Sword

Planet Splitter | substantial dmg/Bleed: all. Mana: 30

speak to Yoritomo in ~ ns medical Room through a Level 50 or greater Samurai leading your party. Choose ns knife missitop top and also you will do it be called come loss a Dark Rabi one ~ above one. Log in to 7th Encounting and also pick the initially option, “do her Samurans train alone.” A wild Dark Rabns appears! (Sorry, i just can not resist.) just use a Levetogether 3 or greater solid stance to power up adhered to by Serpent Thrust or Garuda Whirlwind Levetogether 2 or better (i offered Serpenns Thrust). You’ll get the capacity to Learn Planet Splitter after ~ the battle. If she no overleveled and require a added boost, usage either a rate or power enhancing accessory and girlfriend must be golden.