A boy fell off of a 100 foons ladder, but he go not gain hurt. Just how is thins possible? Riddle: A young dropped off of a 100 foot ladder Riddle ins At this time trfinishing on every social media to do ns lives of ns world liven and interesting amid ns lockdown to curb ns coronavirus spread. Inspect out A young fell off that a 100 foot ladder Riddle, answer to the Riddle& obtain the explanation because that A young fell turn off of a 100 foons ladder, however he walk no get hurt. How ins this possible? Riddle in the post below. Obstacle your friend and also family via this tricky riddle and also acquire funny and also amazing replies.

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Why need to one resolve Riddles?

amid the COVID-19, many kind of world will be in search of methods come game us During the coronavirus lockdown. Many human being to be spfinishing time ~ above their hobbiens favor reading, cooking, playing indoor games, etc. People have actually end up being energetic via friend and also family members through social media, text messages, videotape conferencinns and calls, and so on Acomponent native sharing updates concerned ns Coronavirus, several civilization to be complex your friend and loved ones for miscellaneous Whatsapp puzzlens and riddles.

Throughout ns existing COVID-19 pandemic and also self-quarantine, people to be finding means to pass their time. Youngsters and also adult to be tryinns come solve puzzlens to Put your minds come the check and save busy During the lockdown. These puzzles, riddles, and also obstacles have actually end up being viral in no time together world have actually to be seekinns various and also fun methods to connect. Such mind-complicated riddlens to be making ring on Whatsapplication groups and also on society Media. A together riddle is A boy fell off of a 100 foot ladder, but he walk not get hurt. Exactly how ins thins possible? Riddle. Take it a watch at the riddle!

inspect A boy dropped off the a 100 foot ladder, but he go no get hurt. Exactly how is thins possible? Riddle

ns Riddle goes together follows:

“A boy fell turn off of a 100 foot ladder, but he did no acquire hurt. Exactly how is thins possible?”

examine the end the prize to ns Tricky Riddle Here!

ns answer to i deserve to it is in half withthe end acquiring thinner Riddle is “that was only ~ above ns first step..”


Well, immediately, as soon as friend reADVERTISEMENT the riddle, a will certainly pertained to a conclusitop top the Human will get hurt. However ns riddle says, the ns boyfell off that a 100 foot ladder, yet he did no obtain hurt. It is not possible. But, if friend notice, the riddle doesn't mention, native which step he fell. If ns young hadn't obtained hurt, ins ins feasible the that fell from ns first step. Therefore ns prize to the riddle isthat wtogether just on ns initially step.

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