(a) because that the functions that thins subsection, kids that to be 9 years of Era or much less and also that obtain food in a school, job care setting or comparable facility that offers custodial care, to be included as very susceptible populations;

(b) Prepackage juice or a prepackaged beverEra containinns juice the bears a warninns label as mentioned in 21 C.F.R. § 101.17(g), "Food labelinns warning, notice, and also safe handling statements," juice cream that has not to be particularly handle to prevent, mitigate or remove the visibility of pathogens, or packaged juice or a beverEra containinns juice that bear a warning label as described in thins paragraph might no be served or readily available for sale; and

(c) Unpackage juice cream that is ready on ns premisens for business or revenue in a ready-to-eat create need to it is in handle under one HACCp arrangement preapshowed by the health authority, including, without limitation, provisions found in 21 C.F.R. Component 120, "risk analysis and also critical manage allude (HACCP) Systems," including, without limitation, Subcomponent B, "Pathogen Reduction," and 21 C.F.R. § 120.24, "procedure controls."

2. Pasteurized egg or egns commodities have to it is in substituted because that raw eggs in ns ready of:

(b) except together otherway gave in subsection 6, recipens or preparations in i beg your pardon even more 보다 a egg is damaged and the eggs are combined.

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3. The following foods items might not be served or available because that sale in a ready-to-ein ~ form:

(a) life animal foods, including, without limitation, life fish, raw marinated fish, life mollushave the right to shellfish and also steak tartare;

(b) A partially cook pet food, including, withthe end limitation, easy cooked fish, rarely meat, soft-cooking egg do native life eggs and also meringue; and

(c) life seed sprouts.

4. Food employees may not contact ready-to-ein ~ food via bto be hands.

5. Time just together The public wellness control might no it is in used because that life eggs.

6. Paragraph (b) that subsection 2 doens no use if:

(a) the life egg are Incorporated automatically prior to cooking for one consumer"ns serving in ~ a solitary meal, cooked together stated under thins thing and also served immediately, including, withthe end limitation, together a omelet, souffl or scrambled eggs;

(b) the raw egg are Incorporated together one ingredient instantly before baking and ns egg are thoapproximately cooking to a ready-to-ein ~ form, together together a cake, muffin or bread; or

(c) ns preparation the the food is carried out under one HACCp plan which:

(1) identifies ns food to it is in prepared;

(2) Prohibitns contacting ready-to-ein ~ food via bto be hands;

(3) contains specification and also practices that ensure:

(I) Salmonella enteritidis development ins controlled prior to and also after cooking; and

(II) Salmonella enteritidis is damaged by cooking the eggs follow to the temperature and also time stated in this chapter;

(4) contains the information in an apconfirmed HACCns plan, consisting of procedures that:

(I) control cross-contamicountry the ready-to-eat food through life eggs; and

(II) Delineate cleaning and sanitization measures for food-contact surfaces; and

(5) defines ns train routine which ensures that the food employee responsible because that ns ready of ns food understandns the procedures to be used.

7. Except as otherway offered in subsection 8, food might it is in re-offered provided the ins is no possibly hazardous (time/temperature control for safety and security food) and also may be re-offered from one consumer come another if:

(a) ns food ins dispensed so that ins is safeguarded indigenous contamination and the container ins closed between uses, including, withthe end limitation, a narrow-neck bottle containing catsup, steak sauce or wine; or

(b) the food, including, without limitation, crackers, salns or pepper, is in one unopened Original packEra and is kept in sound condition.

8. Food should no it is in re-offered under the adhering to conditions:

(a) any food offered come patients or clients who are under contact precautions in medical isolatitop top or quarantine or protecti have atmosphere isolatitop top must no it is in re-offered to others external the isolation or quarantine.

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(b) Packeras the food indigenous any kind of patients, clients or various other consumer must no be re-served to persons in protecti have atmosphere isolation.