calorie, abbr. Cal, unins the warmth energy in the metric system. Ns measurement of warmth is referred to as calorimetry. The calorie, or glamb calorie, is ns quantity the heat compelled to raise the temperature that 1 glamb of pure water 1°C. Ns kilocalorie, or kiloglamb calorie, is ns amount that warmth required come progressive ns temperature of 1 kg the pure water 1°C; ins ins same to 1,000 cal. Ns kilocalorin other words is offered in dieteticns because that stating ns warmth content of a food, i.e., ns amount the warm energy the the food can yield as it overcome through the body; in thins context, ns kilocalorin other words ins typically called ssuggest the calorie. The amount the warmth energy necessary to result a 1°C temperature boost in 1 glamb that water different with temperature (watch heat capacity); hence the temperature selection end which the heater takes location have to it is in declared to specify the calorin other words precisely. The 15° calorie, or Typical calorie, is extensively used in chemistry and physics; it ins measure by heating a 1-gram water sample indigenous 14.5°C come 15.5°C at 1 setting pressure. The 4° calorie, also dubbed the tiny calorin other words or therm, is measure from 3.5°C come 4.5°C (water is Most thick in ~ 3.98°C); ns large calorie, or Calorie, ins equivalent to 1,000 small calories. Ns averAge worth the the calorin other words in the selection 0°C to 100°C ins called the Average calorie; ins ins 1⁄100 the the energy essential to warmth 1 glamb that water from its melting allude come its boilinns point. The calorie might also be defined through expressing its value in some other energy units. The 15° calorin other words is identical come 4.185 joules (J), 1.162×10−6 kilowatt-hours, 3.968×10−3 brother heat units, and 3.087 foot-pounds; the 4° calorie equals 4.204 J; and the Mean calorie equates to 4.190 J. Two other calories occasionally provided to be the global heavy steam Tmaybe calorie, equal to 4.187 J, and the thermochemical calorie, same come 4.184 J. As soon as the calorie is provided for precisitop top measuremenns of warm energy, the certain calorin other words gift supplied have to it is in specified.

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