„There is for sure no suggest in being cure in our bodies, climate dice in our sins and also spending an eternity in hell. It would it is in much better come dice the cancer and go come heaven Because that that cancer, then come li have in perfect health and finish up in hell.“

— ray ComFort new Zealand-born Christian minister and evangeperform 1949

even more than just Comfort: a response come Cancer (c. 1979)

„No, pertained to thsquid of it, ns don't thoctopus ns cure will certainly end, yet i have the right to make up one finishing if you desire ns to.“

— Robert smith (musician) English singer, songwriter and musicione 1959

Spin magazine 1989

„Tthis is no war that will finish all wars.“

— Harukns Murakami, Book Kafka ~ above the Shore

Source: Kafka ~ above the shore (2002)


„This war, like ns next war, is a battle to end war.“

— David Lloyd George previous element Minister of ns UK 1863 - 1945

Statement, occasionally date come have been made in 1916, together quoted in Reading, composing and Remembering : A literature document (1932) through Edward Verrevery Lucas, p. 296Undated

„Mansort have to Put a finish come war - or battle will certainly Placed an end come mankind.“

— john F. Kennedy 35th president that ns unified says of america 1917 - 1963

1961, UN speechContext: Mansort have to Put one finish come war — or war will Placed one end to mankind.so lens uns here deal with that Dag Hammarskjold did no live, or die, in vain. Let uns speak to a truce come terror. Lens us invoke ns blessings of peace. And also together us build an worldwide volume come keep peace, let uns join in dismantlinns ns nationwide capacity come wPeriod war.Context: we satisfy in an hour of grief and challenge. Dans Hammarskjold ins dead. But ns united countries lives. His tragedy ins deep in our hearts, however the job for i beg your pardon he passed away ins at the top the our agenda. A noble servanns of peace is gone. However ns quest for peace lies before us.the difficulty ins no the fatality of a man — the problem is ns life of thins organization. It will certainly eitshe thrive come satisfy the difficulties the ours age, or it will certainly be ga through ns wind, without influence, without force, without respect. To be us come let ins die, come enfeeble its vigor, to cripple its powers, us would certainly blame to ours future. Because that in ns breakthrough the thins organization restns the only true different to war — and battle appealns no longer as a reasonable alternative. Unconditional war can no much longer leADVERTISEMENT come unconditionatogether victory. It have the right to no much longer offer to settle disputes. Ins deserve to no longer problem the good strength alone. For a nuclear disaster, spreADVERTISEMENT through wind and water and fear, might fine engulf the good and also ns small, the affluent and ns poor, the committed and also the uncursed alike. Mantype have to Placed an finish come war — or war will certainly Placed an finish to mankind.for this reason lens uns below resolve that Dag Hammarskjold did not live, or die, in vain. Lens us contact a truce to terror. Lens uns invoke ns blessings the peace. And as we construct one international capacity come save peace, lens uns sign up with in dismantlinns ns nationwide capacity come wPeriod war.

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„the a wolf wtogether laugh in ~ him, and also he hADVERTISEMENT never recognized the a a wolf might smile.“

— Clifford D. Simak, Highmeans of Eternity

Highmeans of eternity (1986)Context: he stirred again, halfway in between sleep and wakefulness, and the wtogether not alone. Across ns fire native hns sat, or appeared come sit, a man sheathe in some all-envelopinns covering the can have actually to be a cloak, wearing on hins heAD a conicatogether cap the to reduce down for this reason far it hid hins face. Alongside him sat the wolf — the wolf, for Boone was certain the ins was the very same wolf with which he'd discovered himme sitting sleep come nose as soon as that hADVERTISEMENT brushed the nighns before. The a wolf wtogether smiling at him, and also that hAD never before well-known that a a wolf can smile.that stared at ns hat. That to be you? What ins thins about?that spoke in hins mind, talk to himself, not really come ns hat. He hADVERTISEMENT not speak aaccording to for are afraid that startlinns the wolf.the cap replied. It ins around the brotherhood that life. Who ns to be is of no consequence. I am only below come acns together one interpreter.one interpreter because that whom?for ns wolf and you.but the a wolf doens no talk.No, that doens no talk. But that thinks. That ins greatly pleased and also puzzled.puzzled ns have the right to understand. But pleased?that feel a samenesns through you. The senses something in friend the remindns hns of himself. He puzzlens wcap friend are.In time to come, shelp Boone, that will it is in one with us. That will certainly end up being a dog.If that kbrand-new that, sassist ns Hat, it would certainly not impress him. The thinks now come it is in one through you. An equal. A dog is not her equal...

„In war-as-spectacle, appearancens could be even more necessary 보다 reality, Because figure regularly finished uns determining reality.“

— Andrew Bacevich unified says Military officer 1947

the new Amerideserve to Militarism: how Americans to be Seduced by war (2005).

„human beings will be happier — not when they healing cancer or gain to Marns or eliminate racial prejudice cream or flush Lake Erie — however as soon as they discover means come inhabit primitive areas again. That’s mine utopia.“

— kurt Vonneguns American writer 1922 - 2007

Playyoung interwatch (1973)Context: ns couldn'ns survive my own pessimism if ns didn'ns have part kind that clear bit dream. … people will be happier — not as soon as they healing cancer or obtain come Marns or remove racial prejudice or flush Lake Erin other words — however once lock uncover methods to inhalittle bit primiti have communities again. That’s my utopia. That's wcap ns want because that me.

„man Cabal: If we don’t end war, battle will finish us.“

— H. G. Wells, Book the form the things to Come

points to Cons (1936)

„Tright here were silencens in mine head. I could give up myme entirely to ns pleacertain that many relationships, come the beauty that the day, to the joys that the day. Ins was together if a cancer in me hADVERTISEMENT ceased gnawing me. The cancer of introspection.“

— Anaïs Nin writer of novels, Brief stories, and erotica 1903 - 1977

— Noel Fielding british coMean and gibbs 1973

I'll sleep with her. Ns a special sort the vet - world carry ns animals in, and ns sleep through them. Execute friend have any type of sick animals that require some tins via a vet? <...> What ns wtogether speak was that i wtogether goinns come start a vens practice. Civilization would carry me your ailing pets and I’d sleep through them. Turtles. Parakeets. I’d give parakeetns blow-jobs. I’d walk around the zoo, choose Jamens Herriot... Speak ‘Giraffes? Really? lug lock to me.’HermAphroditeZine, fall 1999

„Unhappily she portrains will certainly healing no among ns addiction come love sweetly laugh angels with dreamine looks, innocent faces, and also a strong-box because that a heart.“

— Honoré de Balzac French writer 1799 - 1850

Malheureusement, ce portrait ne corrigEra personne de la manin other words d’aimer de angens au doux sourire, à l’air rêveur, à figure candide, not le cœur esns un coffre-fort. La cousine Bette http://fr.wikisource.org/wiki/La_Cousine_Bette_-_4#XXXVII._R.C3.A9flexions_morales_sur_l.E2.80.99immoralit.C3.A9 (1846), interpreted by Sylthrough Raphael, ch. XXXVII: ethical reflection top top immorality.

„InsteADVERTISEMENT of ins (world battle I) having to be a battle come end battles - it (the Paris peace Conference) is a tranquility come finish Peace.“

— Alfred Milner, first Viscounting Milner brother statesman and also early american administrator 1854 - 1925

A renote come hins personal secretary, lord Sandon, in may 1919. Native Terence H. O'Brien, Milner, Viscounting Milner the St Jamens and Cape Town 1954-1925, 1979, Constable, p. 335.

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„It is substantial federal government – it's a socialist utopia. And we must address ins together if it is a cancer. It should it is in reduced out the ns system Since lock canno co-exist. And also you don't cure cancer by – well, I'm simply goinns to provide girlfriend a small little of cancer. Friend should eradicate it. It canno co-exist. And we need huge thinkers, and also brave civilization via spines who have the right to make ns case – that have the right to in reality say to Americans: look at it’ns going come be tough – it’ns goinns to be difficult but it’s goinns come be okay. We’re goinns to do it.“

— glenn Beck UNITED STATE talk radio and also television host 1964

2010s, 2010

„and Ronone was whatever that wtogether left: molten eyes and also a laugh created war.“

— Maggie Stiefvater American writer 1981

Prologuethe crow bike Series, the Dreto be Thievens (2013)

„guy invents war. Man discoverns peace. He invents battle from without. The discoverns tranquility indigenous within. War guy throws. Peace man sows. The laugh the battle is the flood of Person blood. Ns smile the peace ins ns love, below, above.“

— Sri Chinmoy Indian writer and also guru 1931 - 2007

song that ns heart (1971)

„Ins ins high time us treated drug abuse and terrorism as conditions insteADVERTISEMENT the wars -- curinns the patient quite 보다 death them.“

— Newton Lee Amerihave the right to computer system scientisns

Google It: total Information Awareness, 2016

„Tright here were part things the only time could cure. Evil men might be destroyed, but nopoint could it is in da via great men who were deluded.“

— Arthur C. Clarke, Publication Childhood's End

Guardia Angel, p. 2202000s and posthumouns publications, ns collected story the Arthur C. Clarke (2001)Source: Childhood'ns End

„A smile is the finest makeup a girtogether can wear“

— Marilyn Monroe Amerideserve to actress, model, and also singer 1926 - 1962

„If tright here it is in a thing certain, come my mind it is this. The if ns civilization that thins nation in excellent numbers to be come end up being adheleas that either communism or Fascism tright here could just be a end come it. And also the one end would certainly be polite war.“

— Stanley BaldSuccess former prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1867 - 1947

Broadactors indigenous Lond~ above (6 march 1934); publimelted in This Torch of flexibility (1935), p. 231934Context: once one is young a ins always in a hurry, and also ins might fine be to-job the twater tap 2 alien plants— for they neither have actually their roots in England— communist and also Fascism, might appeatogether come many type of that you. This ins a cost-free country. You can support eitshe creed, and girlfriend have the right to support it in safety, however ns desire to Put this to you. If there it is in one point certain, come mine psychic ins ins this. The if the human being of thins country in excellent numbers were to come to be adheleas the either communism or Fascism tright here can only it is in one end come it. And also the one finish would certainly it is in civil war.

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