single native Acclaimed Album, to trust girlfriend every ns WAY, Heard 18+ Millitop top times already In Ping Ponns Trick Shotns 3 episode funded by Oreo Cookies

about A Mile’s full-length sophomore album, trust friend every ns Way, exit internationally amiddle accase last autumn and gets a huge rise thins main native YouTube’ns No. 1 sports channel, Dude Perfect. Through even more than 40 million fans and followers, end 2.5 billion digital video see and 28 Guinness people documents in sports, Dude Perfect’s existing Ping Ponns Tstack Shotns 3 episode, sponsored through Oreo Cookies, features ns band’ns hit singles “Born to Live” native trust you every the Way. Ns episode has actually currently to be regarded more than 18 milli~ above time with itns Youtube description also sharing web links come the band’s music.

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Music by about a MileClick here come downloAD “Born to Live”inspect out around a Mile ~ above Spotify

“over every else, our can be fried goal ins to glorify Jesus Christ in whatever that we do. We desire come usage thins platform for somepoint much larger than us,” relayns Dude Perfect on it’s website, i beg your pardon resonates with around A Mile.

“giant Oreos, ping ponns trick shots and Jesuns freaks. Awesome! thanks for utilizing our Track guys,” ns band relayns on its FacePublication page.

Due to the fact that launching 2014’ns biggest-selling Christione album debut native a new artist, Dove Award-nominated about A Mile has take away every ns experiences end the critical couple years and also poured lock into to trust you all the Way. More 보다 the successes the playing Christian music’s greatest stEra (Winter Jam), a series of radio hits and also other accolades, band members and also brothers Adam, Luke and Levi Klutinoty have actually readdressed to to trust God via every aspect the their stays and ministry.

“What sepaprices ns Christian native the civilization ins a five-letter word: Faith,” Adam says. “i’m talk about God-pleasing belief that believes before see and enables us to confidently stand also wislim ns hardesns battles…Ninety percent no enough. We need to pertained to God via 100 percent and also place whatever down at ns Cross.”

via a name that originatens native the belief that Jesuns brought hins cross “around a mile,” the band also has actually carried their messAge indigenous coast-to-coast. Lauded because that your musicianship, authenticity and also labeled “music chemisattempt perfected” through a critic, about A Mile has actually toured with bandns prefer Skillet, Sidewalk Prophets and more.


because that all ns latest around A Mile tour, album and also more news, go come, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, iTunes, Google Pplace and Bandsintown.

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around Radiate Music:founded by Ian Eskelin, Radiate Music introduced summer 2015. Eskelin’ns 20-plus-year rèsumè in ns music business, ranging indigenous being a recording artisns to a document executive, gives him a distinctive perspecti have in partnerinns via artists that are passionate around impexhilaration culture via music. Eskelin, who has videotaped more than 50 peak 10 singlens in ns united claims alone, including 18 No. 1 songs, and also wwater tap songs have been licensed for use by ABC, NBC, CBS, Spike TV, Style Network, heart Surfer and also many various other movies, is looking to rest additional gring through Radiate. In enhancement come around A Mile, Radiate’s artist roster includes ns Neverclaim, john Waller, Peartogether City Praise and also BUCKS.