EATon COUNTY, Mich. ( — the Eattop top county Sheriff’ns office shelp a doubt imcombine semi-truck dflow is the reason the a crash on I-69 southern that Charlotte. The driver was arrest according come the sheriff’s office, on Apprehension the operation when intoxicated.

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Ins happened on Monwork around 6:30 a.m. And both the northbound and southbound lanes to be shut down due to ns crash.

Photo gave through ns Eaton area Sheriff’ns office

the sheriff’s office sassist the driver wtogether headinns northtied ~ above I-69, lost control, and also smaburned right into ns divider in ns construction zone. The crash wtogether in between Ainger RoADVERTISEMENT at departure 51 and Cochrone Ato meet in ~ leave 57 near Olivet.

the southtied lanens must be open soon, yet policemans shelp the northtied lanes the I-69 will reKey close up door because that a while.

Thins ins a occurring story and also 6 Newns will certainly store you updated.

Moderna vaccine ins Many efficient against hospitalizati~ above indigenous COVID-19, CDC study finds

Michigan / 4 hours ago
LANSING, Mich. ( --- this evening a candlelight vigitogether wtogether held in hono one the the Lansing mother and daughter who to be swarm come fatality yesterday. 6 newns was at today"ns vigil.

Ins was an extremely emotional work because that ns family members and friends the 46-year-old Michelle Roper, and 24-year-old Alexins Brown. Family members members called ns it"ns a sADVERTISEMENT work but it"s additionally a job the celebration Because now would have actually to be Brown"ns 2fifth birthday. Lock speak they wish sthe wtogether lively come check out it.

What come next after ~ FDA panel’s rejection the Pfizer’s third booster shot?

by Nexstar, Anna Wiernicki / Sens 17, 2021
WASHINGTtop top (Nexstar) — A U.S. Food and also drug administration dashboard ~ above Friday rejected Pfizer"ns request come provide a 3rd COVID-19 booster swarm to ns general public.

the independenns advisory committee heard native medical professionals and also health officialns top top whetshe a third booster shot is necessary, yet ins Ultimately determined tright here wasn"t sufficient information come offer approval.

COVID-19 is evolving, ‘acquiring better’ at ending up being an airborne virus

by john Anderer, StudyFinds.orns by means of Nexstar Media cable / Sens 17, 2021
( - recent COVID-19 variants to be a lot even more adept at airborne infection than ns Initial variation the ns coronavirus, according to a new study. College that Maryland researcher analyzed ns Alpha variant initially figured out in the UK and uncovered the carrier breathe out43 come 100 timeseven more contagious viral aerosolns than twater tap infected through ns Initial strain.

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on a Hopeful note, study writer speak particular face covering usually reduced the amountain of exhaled famous particles in half.