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Ada area Prosecutinns Attorney, jan Bennetts, has dedicated her year in public business come keeping the top quality the life because that ns human being sthat has actually sworn to protect. Sthat has actually continually demonstrated management in the beginning that violenns crimes, kid abuse, domestic violence, elder abuse, financial crimes, and in ensurinns victim are afforded your constitutional rights.

jan was sworn in as Ada county Prosecutor ~ above November 28, 2014 ~ beingunanimously selectedthrough the Ada area Republideserve to main Committee and also then beingunanimoucunning appointedby ns Ada county Commissioners in November 2014 to succeed Greg Bower ~ above hins retirement. However jan wasn"ns offered ns task together prosecutor . . . Sthat earn it.

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together ns Ada county Prosecutor, january monitor around 180 employees throughout both ns Criminal and civil divisions that her Office. Jan joined ns Ada area Prosecutor"ns Office cream in 1994 and also has actually to be a front heat prosecutor managing a myriAD the cases throughout her career from sex-related assault, son abusage and residential violence come homicide and also fatality punish cases.

In the year top up to she appointment, jan led ns development that ns residential Violence Unit in the Ada area Prosecutor’s Office. Sthat also take it a leadership function in ns development that ns Ada county residential Violence Courns and the Ada area deals with that hope Victim Center. Starting in 1998, january took top top management and executive duties in the Office, including Magistrate division Supervisor, domestic Violence Unit Supervisong lawyer and also Felony division Triatogether Team Leader. In 2009, Bower named she Assistanns chief Deputy the the Criminatogether Division, responsible for assistinns the chief Deputy in oversee the daily operation the ns Criminal Division. In 2013, Bower supported january come chef the Staff, responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the whole Office.

one Idaho aboriginal and summa cum laude graduate indigenous the College the Idaho, and magna cum laude graduate indigenous Willamette College university of Law, Ms. Bennettns started she career as a legislation clerk to the Honormaybe thomas G. Nelson, unified says 9th Circuins Court of Appeals.

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january winner national fist native the national area Attorneyns association in 2008 for her effective start of a capital case. In 2006, she got the "Woguys Makinns History" compensation native Boise State College and ns Victns services award indigenous ns Idaho Victim Witness Association. Ns Idaho company review called her one of ns "Idaho Women that ns Year" in 2009. In 2015, sthe obtained the Idaho Woguys Lawyers "noteworthy achievement Award."

jan has actually teach because that the Idaho Prosecuting Attorneyns Association, the Idaho State Bar and also for the College of Idaho, university that legislation triatogether advocacy course. January has also carried out training for regulation enforcement police officers and also has participated in the regulation student orientation top top principles at both the University that Idaho college of law and Concordia University college that Law. In her spare time, she serves ~ above ns plank for the Women"ns and also Children"s Alliance. Ns governor appointed january to offer top top ns Idaho peace Officer requirements and also Train Councitogether in February 2015 where sthe continues to serve. Sthe has actually likewise offered on ns Idaho can be fried Court"s advancing Justice Committee.


Women’ns & children Alliance, Joyce Stein Award, 2020

Mills-Adler Award, outstanding elected Official, Idaho combination that Counties, 2018

Willamette University (university of Law), Distinguiburned Alumni Citation, 2017

Idaho State Bar Professionalism Award, 2017

Idaho organization Review, leader in Law, 2017

Idaho service Review, Idaho Woguys that ns Year, 2017 & 2009

University that Idaho university of law Five-Year service Award, Triatogether Advocacy Trainer, 2015

Idaho Woguys Lawyers, notable success the ns Year Award, 2015

nationwide area Attorneyns association Award, for: “…exemplifying ns ideal features the a prosecutor: exhibitinns tenacity, diligence and same in ns find for fact and also justice cream in ns Many hard cases….”, July 2008

Soroptimisns international that Garden City, superior work-related to enhance resides that various other Women, in march 2007

Idaho Victns Witness Association, Victim solutions Award, 2006

Boise State University, Womales Makinns background Award, 2006

national association the Womales Lawyers, superior Woguy legislation Graduate (1992-1993)

regulation Review, develop Editor, Willamette University, university the legislation (1991-1992)

College the Idaho Alumnns compensation because that Excellence, outstanding scholastic success (undergrad)

professional & neighborhood ACTIVITIES

Idaho post Councitogether (February 2015 – present)

Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys combination board (February 2015 – present)

Idaho Prosecuting Attorneyns Association, Justice & Professionalism Committee (respectable 2014 – present), elected Vice-Chwait (Feb. 2015-present)

Women’s & children Alliance plank Member (October 2014 – present)

Inn that Courns (Bencher, 2012 – 2015)

Idaho supreme Court advancing Justice Committee (2012 – 2018)

Criminatogether Justice cream mechanism Panelist, historic share session of residence and also Senate Judiciary and also rules Committee (January 2013)

instrumental in development that Ada county deals with the hope Victim center via many collaborati have partners

instrumental in development and also breakthrough of Ada area domestic Violence Court (Magistprice Court) with many collaborative partners