Adto be goes behind bars come expose how corporations make money turn off that inmates, reveal ns legend of jaitogether rehabilitation and show why solitary confinement ins akin come torture. Right here to be his sources.

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“Ins certainly isn’t doinns that. Tbelow to be 2.2 million people incarcerated in ns U.S., ten times more 보다 fifty years ago.“

Report the ns Sentencinns project to the unified countries Human legal rights Committee: concerning gyeongju Disparities in the unified states Criminatogether Justice System. Washington: ns Sentencing Project, 2013. Web.

“‘friend simply market choose friend were selling cars, or actual estate, or hamburgers.’ - Tom Beasley, 1988.”

Larson, Erik. “Capti have Company.” Inc. Mansuento Ventures, 1 Jun. 1988. Web.

“and also castle rake in a Ton of scratch. Last year CCA soaked up a suggest seven exchange rate dollars.”

2015 CCA yearly Report. Nashville: Corrections corporation the America, 2016. Web.

“Sorry. Ns data reflects they don’t. The salens key wtogether wrong: private prisons price taxpayerns simply together much as regular prisons.”

Oppel, Rictough A. “personal Prisons uncovered to market little bit in Savings.” new York Times. brand-new York times Company, 18 may 2011. Web.

“a examine showed private prisonns dole out double together many infractions together government prisons.”

Mukherjee, Anita. “effects of personal Prichild Contracting ~ above Inmate Tins served and Recidivism.” University the Wisconsin - Madikid institution that Business, 10 Aug. 2016. Web.

“critical year, a private prichild in Arizona no satisfy your 97 percent capacity quota, so ns state government hADVERTISEMENT come salary castle a $3 million fine.”

Ortega, Bob. “Arizona prison oversight doing not have because that personal facilities.” ns Arizona Republic. Gannetns Company, 7 Aug. 2011. Web.

“In solitary, you retained alone for 23 hours a work in a room ns dimension the ns king-size bed.“

“Solitary Nation.” Prod./Dir. Da Edge. Frontline. Publicly Broadcasting Station, 22 Apr. 2014. Web.

“Solitary Confinement was conceived by Quakerns who assumed detainees would certainly usage the moment to reflecns and study ns bible.“

Casella, Jea and James Ridgeway. Heltogether is an extremely little Place: Voices indigenous Solitary Confinement. new York: ns new Press, 2016. Web.

“human beings are social animals. And a prolonged absence of society call can reason significant and irreversible brain damage!”

Gawande, Atul.“Hellhole.” brand-new Yorker. Conde Nast, 30 Mar. 2009. Web.

“Solitary confinemenns is provided for this reason regularly in our prichild system, it’s usually given come anyone ns guardns don’t desire to transaction with.”

“the Dangerous Overusage the Solitary Confinemenns in ns united States.” brand-new York: Amerihave the right to polite Libertiens Union, 2014. Web.

“Solitary confinemenns ins provided to in between 80 and also a hundreds thousand also people a year.”

START: “80 and a hundred thousand”

CHYRON: ns Guardian, Apr. 27, 2016.

“he wtogether held in solitary for nearly two year before his case was entirely thrown out. The never also checked out trial, however stiltogether suffered through solitary. After ~ the was released, his family shelp that would just feet up in hins room because that days. The committed suicide.”

Gonnerman, Jennifer. “Kalief Browder Learned how come Commit self-destruction on Rikers.” brand-new Yorker. Conde Nast, 2 Jun. 2016. Web.

“Reading, writing, math, history, geography, physiology...”

Messemer, Jonathan E. “the historic exercise of Correctionatogether education and learning in the joined States: A review the ns Literature.” worldwide journal the humanities and also social Sciences 1.17 (2011): 91-100. Web.

“Since then, we’ve gone from 350 college-level program for human being in priboy throughout the country, come simply 12!”

Zoukis, Christopher. “Pell sponsor for Prisoners: new invoice Restores expect that Reinstating university Programs.” Priboy Legal News. Person rights Defense Center, 31 Jul. 2015. Web.

“and great luck getting right into the programs that execute exist. The biggest priboy training program in the nation has actually a waiting perform of 10,000 people!”

Horwitz, Sari. “UNITED STATE main claims prikid system’ns ideal reentry regimen cut ‘dramatically.’” Washington Post. Nash Holdingns LLC, 29 Oct. 2015. Web.

“but lock in reality have to salary because that their own fish eye monitors, and even incarcerati~ above fees.”

Stillman, Sarah. Acquire the end of Jail, Inc. brand-new Yorker. Conde Nast, 23 Jun. 2014. Web.

“lock can’t even uncover a place come live. They’re discriminated versus through landlords and also have the right to be ban from publicly housing.”

Childress, Sarah. “Michelle Alexander: ‘A mechanism the gyeongju and social Control.’” Public Broadspreading Station, 29 Apr. 2014. Web.

“yeah well it’ns not simply me. 60% that the priboy populace ins make of uns that civilization that color. Black men to be 6 times even more likely to it is in in prikid 보다 white men. Entire neighborhoods are grounding in thins cycle.”

“America’s Disappeared Babsence Men.” Washington: ns Sentencinns Project, 2015. Web.

“hi Emily. A few decades ago, after ~ i obtained the end of prison, i assisted begin a project referred to as half the Box. It’s a motion to get rid of the “have you to be convicted the a felony” crate ~ above task applications, and also give everya a same swarm in ~ employment.”, 2016.

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Shane Bauer’s undercend expose in mommy Jones around his time together a private prison security is Several of ns Most detailed report ever before done ~ above ns subject.

Atutogether Gawande’ns new Yorker function top top solitary confinemenns pushed the exercise into ns nationwide spotlight in 2009.

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This brand-new York times Magazine item explorens the prikid system in Norway, i beg your pardon takes a far various method 보다 ns joined states and produces promisong results.