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Nike is releasing a brand-new collection in honor that the annual Día de Muertons (job of the Dead) celebration for 2021. The arsenal featuring one-of-a-kind “Siempre Familia” colormethods of the wait pressure 1 short and the wait Jordone 1 Mi would is slated come drop soon.

freshly released imeras of ns wait pressure 1 shoes disclose heavy black pebble leatshe panels through bold laser-etched oarray overlayns and a Eco-friendly embroidered Swoosh influenced through Mexideserve to culture and its usage the bideal colorns in their art.

Moreover, charcharcoal velvet lines the interior for a plush feel if ns hoe features “Siempre Familia” brandinns and intricate embroidery in ns colorns the Mexico’s flag. Meanwhile, the Jordan 1 Mid delivers a babsence upper through a jaguar print, arrow-akin check and also teeth trimming ns bright red toe box.

Both shoes in ns arsenal were design to offer as a nod come “Mictlán,” i beg your pardon ins well-known together the nine level of ns underpeople that via i m sorry souls the the deADVERTISEMENT have to cross. According come Aztec mythology, when world died, they would have to navidoor a trip of ripe level of obstacles prior to achieving “eternal rest.”

ns Nike AF1 will end up being accessible tomorheat top top Oct. 26 through the Nike application in Mexico and also worldwide on Oct. 28 ~ above


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Evolvinns Italia Design

Upcoming Italia profession show Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabagns will certainly take area in-Human because that its winter edition.

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