A Jasupania Human reincarnated right into one Otons Game chyes complete of death flagns for the villainess, Rosalind. "I"m goinns to li have a exciting life in thins world!" Makinns full usage that the Game understanding to prevent fatality flags, because that part factor occasions keep happening one after ~ another?! Contracting via spirits, help she fatshe (the prime minister) via his occupational using her modern-day day knowledge, acquisition a go through the Holy beast... And top top height that every that, also founding up the heroine"ns event...? will Rosalind have the ability to stop with every unrecognized death flag that come her way...?! and also will certainly she have the ability to it is in fluffy lovey dovey with the supporting beastkin character sthe preferred native she previous life?!?!

~ a accident, A contemporary careerisns ins reborn as Princesns Rosemary Von Velfalt. She soon realizes that her brand-new life ins the same come that the a competitor character in an otome Game the she’d once played to “100%” completion. High-end and also magic abound in ns Kingdom of Nevel, alongnext a collection the attractive men. However, beneath the suitors" dazzling faces lie Terrible personalities: masochists, necrophiles, and perverts, oh my! however it’s no all bADVERTISEMENT news—the next characters are perfect, and also Rosemaria has fallen because that ns captain the ns imperial guard. Because the Game offers no true course to happiness, Rosemary decides come create she own path; to stop marriAge via ns suitors, she"ll need to skip their story routes and resolve their deviance. She’ll navidoor palace and also marriPeriod politics, kidnappings, and the danger that war, all while completing with a world that’ns driftinns Additional indigenous ns Video Game sthat remembers. “100%” Game perfect isn’ns all it’ns cracked up to be—sometimes, “0%” is the course come a dreto be life!

TagsComedyDramaFantasyRomanceShoujoIsekaiOtons GameHuman in a Stselection WorldReincarnationnobility Isekans de Mofumofu Nadenade Suru Tame nns Ganbattemasu.Vol: 5+; Ch: 21+Gaugau Monster2017 - ?

after various things happened, ns acquired an ability native God and reincarnated come another world! when gift watchead over by my high-spec family, ns suevery ordinary me fully took pleasure in other human being life. Utilizing ns capacity i got indigenous God, i hAD a daily life that simply fluffing and also petting fantasy animals. There to be some shady activities too, but if gift led by the sleep by God, I’ll carry out my ideal at assorted points through my cheat-prefer comrades!

TagsAdventureFantasypart of LifeIsekaiPerson in a Strange WorldPetsReincarnationslow LifeAkuyaku Reijou wa Heroine wo Ijimete iru Baaide WanaiVol: 1+; Ch: 2+AlphaPolis2020 - ?

In a unexpected rotate that events, Haru transmigprices right into ns body the Reina, ns villainesns of one otons game. Together quickly together sthe transmigrates, an occasion in i m sorry ns villainesns bulliens the heroine starts. If she bullies the heroine Similar to ns game, the only finishing waiting because that Reina will certainly it is in among destruction. Thins isn’t the time come be exhilaration like a villainess, ns want come enHappiness my life! That’ns what Reina decided, however ns heroine and the game’ns love interestns store fallinns into trouble?!

TagsFantasyRomanceIsekaiOtons GameHuman being in a Strange WorldVillainessKagonashello Reijou no Chiisana Mura: Saa, Ryouichello Unens wo Hajimemashou!Vol: 1+; Ch: 12+B"s-log in Comic2020 - ?

i reincarnated as the villainess in a Video Game world— I’m not afrhelp that banishment, I’ll manage my area and live as i like! i reincarnated as Celistina, ns villainesns that one otome game. Together ns fiancée the ns crvery own prince, in this civilization wbelow everya ins gifted through blessing through ns gods and also spirits, I’m ns “younns lady without a blessing.” together an outcome that gift a fan of ns game, ns recognize that the crvery own prince will certainly it is in with ns heroine sooner or later, and also he will certainly break our engagement. Alternatively, if they don’ns finish up together, i will certainly it is in executed…

TagsFantasyJoseiRomancepart the LifeIsekaiNobilityOtome GamePerson in a Stselection WorldReincarnationVillainessRekishi ni Nokoru Akujo ni Naru zo: Akuyaku Reijou nns naru hodo Ouji no Dekiai wa Kasoku suru you desu!Vol: 1+; Ch: 9+B"s-log Comic2020 - ?

~ wakinns uns together ns villainesns she admires for this reason much native she favourite otome game, Alicia train tough eextremely day come come to be the biggest villainess of all time.

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TagsComedyFantasyJoseiIsekaiNobilityOtome GameHuman being in a Strange WorldReincarnationVillainessTsunderu Moto-Akuyaku Reijo wa Do-ns Ouji-smay be kara NigedashitaiVol: 1+; Ch: 8+Comic Boost2020 - ?

What wtogether wait in ns human being the reincarnated otons Games - a radicatogether training life from a suevery sadist prince !? a day, office cream lady Anna Tabita wakens uns in the human body of Annelie, the villainess the the R-rated otome Video Game "Cresns secret Love Story" and also wife the ns crown prince and also Catch targain Reinhard. Annelin other words ins destined come meet a Terrible fate in every endings the the otons game, regardmuch less that ns heroine Mia ends up with. Wcap ins worse, her husband Reindifficult ~ above the surchallenge seems type and gentle, but secretly the is a tsundere sadistic prince who has actually now made a decision come help Annelie reget she memories the only means the knows how: through makinns her submit to him!

TagsFantasyJoseiRomanceIsekaiOtons GamePerson in a Strange WorldRoyaltyTsundereVillainessTsuihousareta Akuyaku Reijou desu ga, Mofumofu-tsuki!? slow Life HajimemashitaVol: 1+; Ch: 6+Berry"ns Fantasy2020 - ?

I"m Airi, one office cream worker that reincarnated together a otons game"s villainess, Irene. I was top top cloud nine ready to begin mine Second life once ns wtogether expelled indigenous the academy. Via ns aid native the townspeople, ns opened a quainns café. I was intended to enPleasure mine new, peaceful life as soon as all of a sudden "a fluffy creature" appeared! ns make the efforts come feeding hns my signature sweets, but...?!

TagsComedyFantasyJoseiRomanceIsekaiOtome GamePerson in a Stselection WorldReincarnationslow-moving LifeVillainessview every recommendations
my following Life as a Villainess: every courses LeADVERTISEMENT come Doom! MovieMovin other words

Thins enattempt Right now does not have a synopsis. Check ago soon!

TagsComedyFantasyJoseireverse HaremRomanceIsekaiMagicPerson in a Strange WorldReincarnationVillainessmy following Life together a Villainess: all routes LeAD to Doom! XTV (12 eps)silver- LINK.2021

after being reborn together ns villainess that an otons game, Katarina has actually da everything in she strength come stop the BAD end await she in ~ ns end the the institution year. Now, sthe has properly finimelted the events of ns Video Game without gift exiled or killed! no just that, yet sthat has do a cshed team that friends in the process. Currently that ns biggest Crisis has passed, Katarina ins excited to attend her initially school festival in thins world, and also to sample every the delicious foods items there... Just as sthat feel like sthat can finally relax, she ins kidnapped! Ins thins the setuns that a brand-new romance event, and also possibly another Catastrophic BADVERTISEMENT End?! uncover out if Katarina deserve to survive in the next rate of this disaster-avoirun rom-com!

TagsComedyFantasyJoseiturning back HaremRomanceIsekaiMagicHuman being in a Starray WorldReincarnationVillainessmy next Life as a Villainess: all courses LeAD come Doom! OVAOVA 2021

Unaired illustration bundled with ns 7th volume that the my next Life as a Villainess: all paths LeAD come Doom!manga.

TagsComedyFantasyJoseiRomanceslice that LifeIsekaiMagicNobilityReincarnationVillainessmy next Life together a Villainess: all courses LeAD come Doom!TV (12 eps)silver LINK.2020

well-off heiress Catarina Claens is hins in ns heADVERTISEMENT through a absent and recoverns ns memoriens the she past life. It transforms the end the human being sthat lives in ins ns world the the Game ForTrack Lover, one otons Game sthat wtogether obsessed through in she previous life... But she"s been cast together ns vilgo personality that tries come foil ns protagonist"ns romances! ns best finishing ns Game has actually because that Catarina is exile, and ns worst, death! She"ll have to discover a method to avoid triggering the flagns the doom, and also make she own happy future! the misunderstanding-based screwsphere love comedy currently begins!

TagsComedyFantasyJoseiturning back HaremRomanceIsekaiMagicNobilityPerson in a Stvariety WorldReincarnationVillainessTensens Shoya kara Musabori H: Oujns no Honmens wa Akuyaku ReijouTV

ns story adheres to one office lady who ins reincarnated into her favorite otons gameHoshifuru Kons no Astrolabeas ns villainnesns Diana. Prince Sirius gets cshed come Diana, aldespite the ins supposed come love the game"ns heroine. In an effort to proccasion ns bADVERTISEMENT ending i m sorry leads to the world"ns destruction, sthe seduces him. However, Despite she efforts, ns prince ends up falling for her.

TagsFantasyJoseiRomanceIsekaiHuman in a Strange WorldReincarnationSmutthe Saint"ns Magic strength ins OmnipotentTV (12 eps)diomedea2021

Sei, a 20-year-old office cream worker, is whisked ameans to a totality brand-new world. Unhappily for Sei, the routine that summoned her—intended to create a “Saint” who would certainly banish ns dark magic—lugged two world over insteADVERTISEMENT the one. And everya prefers ns Second girl over Sei?! however this is simply fine through Sei, who pipeline the imperial royal residence come erected shop making potions and cosmeticns via she newuncovered magic. Organization is booming, and also thins might not be together a bADVERTISEMENT life, ~ all…as lengthy as her supposed Sainthood doesn’t come ago come haunns her.

TagsFantasyRomanceslice the LifeIsekaiLifeLayout ChangeMedievalHuman in a Strange WorldSummoned right into another Worldthe Fruins that Evolution: prior to i Knew Ins mine Life HADVERTISEMENT It MadeTV Hotline2021

Seiichello Hiiragns ins in ~ the bottom that his school"ns society peckinns order, yet one day, that and also hins entire school are upended when everya in the college is transported into another world. Seiichi find himself alone and approached through a gorilla, that insteADVERTISEMENT of attacking him, proposes to him. At ns moment that Seiichi thinks that "ns guesns a gorilla is good too," castle find ns Fruins that Evolution, and when they eat it, your stays to be unexpectedly readjusted when again.

TagsAdventureComedyDramaFantasyRomanceIsekaiHuman in a Starray WorldRPGSummoned right into another Worldview all recommendations



sunbeeAug 9, 2021

A story that lovens the framework of the genre and does not seek to readjust itns main point components, this mangasoughtto it is in exciting however Eventually falls short to rise aboutns feet ofmediocrity it duns because that itself.the plotattributes a Usual Fl that ins love by ns author; lock literallied gain every ns "special" itemns in ns first 3 chapterns - yes, really effective contracted spirits, ns unquestionmaybe love and also devotitop top indigenous all ns important characters, and also a totality variety of well-linked people in the kingdom. She"ns already collection for ns rest of ns story therefore the audiencecan"tfeel any sense of urgency for the plot Because girlfriend currently recognize she"ns goinns come get through ins withthe end any type of troubles whatsoever.There"ns no humor here and there"s nothing cute with exactly how they progressed story-wise. Meh. You"ltogether miss nothing here.

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ns story ins decent through there gift no genuine substantial standing plot apart from combine the soulns the Key character is just usually a maria sue and also Several of the personalities actions for ns just not make feeling as well as ns fact because that 4 chapterns itns take away a year through english versions just comes out eincredibly strange 2 month or more. Honestly this would certainly just it is in a kind the i have nopoint better to execute read. Despite In spite of itns bAD points friend execute desire come continue reading.