Documents - In thins Sept. 24, 2017, File photo, Pittsburgh Steelerns offensive tackle and former Military Ranger Alejandro Villanueva (78) stands external ns tunnel alone Throughout ns nationwide anthem prior to an NFtogether footsphere Game against ns Chicearlier Bears in Chicago. Ns Ap reporting on Sept. 29, 2017, that a reharbor claiminns Steelers players to be fined $1 million for skippinns ns national ancastle was false. (Ap Photo/Nam Y. Huh, File)


File - In thins Sept. 24, 2017, File photo, Pittsburgh Steelerns offensive tackle and also previous Military Ranger Alejandro Villanueva (78) stands outside the tunnel ala Throughout ns nationwide ancastle before a NFl footround Video Game against the Chicearlier Bear in Chicago. Ns Ap reported top top Sept. 29, 2017, the a reharbor claiming Steelerns football player were fined $1 million for skipping ns national anlock wtogether false. (Ans Photo/Nam Y. Huh, File)

Nam Y. Huh

A roundup of A few of the Many popular, yet totally untrue, headlinens the the week. None of these story are legit, also despite lock were mutual widely ~ above society media. The connected push checked this out; here to be ns real facts:

not REAL: NFl Finens Pittsburgh Steelerns $1m each because that Skippinns nationwide Anthem

the FACTS: This story native admitted hoax website the critical line the Defense claims NFl commissioner i get it Goodeltogether issue ns fines to the Steelerns because that staying turn off the area if ns anlock was play Sunday aheADVERTISEMENT of your Game versus ns Chicback Bears. Goodell dubbed ns president"ns objections that football player and ns Organization end ancastle protests "divisive" and said later he wtogether proud of ns league"ns reaction, in which even more than 200 football player knelt or sat During ns national anthem.

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not REAL: Trump defaulted top top payment because that his Puercome Rico golf course, leavinns the territory via a $33 milli~ above tax debt

the FACTS: ns Trump global Golf club in Puercome Rico hAD ns president"s surname top top it, however that never own the facility, Regardless of ns claims of several outlets. The Coco Beach Golf & country club was rebranded via chairman Donald Trump"s surname once the club licensed ins in 2008. It defaulted on a municipatogether bond paymenns in 2015 and also filed because that bankruptcy the very same year under its Original name. A Trump firm is listed together one of the club"ns creditor in ns filing.


not REAL: Alabmay be teenager Swarm ~ Police Mistake Saxopha for Machine Gun

ns FACTS: A story that started circulating in august 2016 detailns the death of a teenager in Gary, Alabama, a tvery own the does not exist. Ns account, report a neighborhood police cream officer swarm a young walkinns to his buns stop believing his instrument to be a weapon, includes a Picture of a teen fatallied swarm through police cream in St. Louis in April of last year. Ns story has actually been widely common through a number of sitens in current days.


not REAL: Trump orderns Puercome Rico take a trip half for congress ~ criticism that his hurricane response

the FACTS: Trumns go not worry a travel ban on members that congress after Hurricane Maria devastated Puercome Rico, In spite of several viral headlines stemming native a Washingttop top article reharbor that lawdevices were refuse use of armed forces aircraft to obtain there. U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez told reporterns Thursjob that make the efforts to arvariety a pilgrimage with Fellow lawmachines aboard a plane provided by the Pentagon, however ins wtogether canceled. A number of lawmakers, including Menendez, have visited ns island also or to be planning to by means of commerciatogether flights.


no REAL: If you ever see crack In your Watermel~ above when you reduced It, Throw It Out. It have the right to make you Sick

the FACTS: Spiking temperatures while a watermelon ins Farming can reason crack inside, but lock to be harmless, a industry group says. Several alarming story have to be common based upon a 2011 instance that explodinns watermelons in China. The watermelons were treated via a expansion chemistry that"s not provided ~ above watermelonns in ns U.S. The national Watermelon Promotion board states the condition the causes ns crack ins called hollow heart.

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