A pop-song-turned-requiem: honeyed honeyShrub and also carcountry blackened, slowed, and also thickened by raspy age patchouli, sweens clove, and opoponax.

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Carnation, clove, love husband and also a sweens patchouli. Thins a ins a sweetened carnation-clove blfinish through dollops of honey. Ugh, thins is therefore excellent in the very same vein the BPTp Red rose is, yet not rosens and also spicy honeyed carcountries instead. Soft, cuddly, carnation. Good thheat and also undertake length.


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In ns bottle: honey and carcountry with a touch of sweet clove. 


top top mine skin:


Wet, the patchoulns and clove (in that order) to be soon stronger, despite the love husband and carnation reKey detectable. As it dries, it"ns definitely honey, clovey carnation. ~ above me, the carcountry likewise has the top quality the being... No blackened outright, but, like, closer come dried carnation and also Additional native fresh carnation. It"ns still very nice, but ins has a viit is in that"ns more autumnatogether and less springlike.


the thheat is quite heavy on me, as ins the wear length. Neither is outrageous, but they"re both more powerful and longer 보다 average. 

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posted February 17, 2020

Sweet honeyed carnation, clove, and also a hinns the patchouli. There"ns not a lot even more come be said except the it"s wonderful! i love just how the Lilith scent to be getting in your level that maturity together Lilith grow up.

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