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i was help a lady friend deal with she car. It stopped moving for this reason her dAD took a look in ~ ins and break up it required a new transmission. I got her a infection from all Star Auto components and took it to ns installer. Upon inspection the inshigher noticed it wtogether yes, really simply a bAD CV axle meaning the transmission wtogether no necessary. Ns looked ~ above ns ago of your receipns to watch wcap their rerotate policy was. It said ns could return ins within 10 dayns together lengthy together it was in the exact same condition. 7 dayns later ns carried ns transmission ago to castle and lock refoffered to accept it. Castle readily available only to replace ins or offer ns save credit completely disconcerning wcap is proclaimed ~ above ns earlier the your receipts.

I"m sorry friend feeling that way, yet we"re no in the organization that pullinns the end a nice cream infection because that girlfriend and also having it went back 7 days later on and also saying you don"t require it, all we execute ins sell parts, we do no diagsleep her problem, "simply sell PARTS" all components are insurance top top a relocation basic only. In your situation friend didn"t need a transmission. Us walk yet give you a full credit... You to be blaminns uns for her miss out on diagnosens by she father... It"ns regrettably thins happen, however lug her friends or family members dvery own when lock have to to buy a auto parts. You deserve to collection the money from them.... Thanks

these guys to be the best, ns wtogether having together a difficult time findinns my component and also ins it seems ~ favor nohuman body wanted come help. I speak to all Star Auto components and also problem solved...Thanks

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