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javascript console?

ns was playing a web browser based Game and ins popped uns through the error saying:

a error occured to run ns unity contents on thins page. Check out her Javascript console because that even more info. The error was: InvalidStateError. A mutatitop top operation wtogether check ~ above a database that walk not allow mutations.

uh... What? i have actually no concept what unified ins or does. I have actually no concept (also lookinns here), just how come open up Javascript console, and ns ssuggest loaded ns page. Just how did a mutatitop top operation, whatever before the is, occur?

Anyone have actually any concept what that indicates or exactly how come resolve it? If so, I"d appreciate any kind of help.

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ns was play a browser based Game and it popped uns via the error saying:one error occured running the unified content ~ above this page. View your Javamanuscript consingle for even more info. Ns error was: InvalidStateError. A mutatitop top procedure was test on a databasic the go not allow mutations.uh... What? ns have actually no concept wcap unit is or does. Ns have no concept (even looking here), just how come open Javascript console, and also i ssuggest invited the page. Exactly how did a mutati~ above operation, whatever before that is, occur?Anyone have actually any kind of idea wcap that indicates or just how to deal with it? If so, I'd appreciate any kind of help.
Doens thins occur repeatedly?

i imply clear Firefox"s cache and trying again: just how come clean the Firefox cache. (If girlfriend have a large difficult drive, thins might take a few minute come finish.)

girlfriend also can watch in ~ thins storEra check pPeriod come view whetshe ins reports any type of storPeriod problems in her Firefox. Note the it"ns Normal for ns third and Fourth testns to fail in personal windows, however castle must all pass in regular (non-private) windows:


ReAD thins prize in conmessage