an night through C.S. Lewis – ns year is 1963 and C.S. Lewis, the renowned british author, is hostinns a group the American writers in ~ hins house near Oxford. Castle to be around to endure a captivating night via a guy wwater tap engaging conversation and also spontaneouns feeling do him among ns great raconteurs of hins day.sit in hins living room and in front the a warm fire he recallns the human being and also events the inspired hins believed and also shame hins life; of hins friendship with J.R.R. Tolkien; why the almost exit ns Narnia Chronicles; exactly how the pertained to adopt Christianity and also that ns American womale who turn his life upside down.explained by doubters as ‘Extraordinary!’ ‘A need to See!’ ‘A understand Class!’, an evening through C.S. Lewis has actually proved aobtain and aobtain come be one enthralling theatricatogether suffer and a i beg your pardon has actually led many kind of thousands come uncover (or rediscover) ns proceeding affect that a male who died end 50 year ago and also wwater tap gathered works made hns one of the literary giants the ns 20th Century.

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as a result of social distancinns requirements and also guidelines, the performances the an evening via C.S. Lewins to be being rebooked right into ns bigger H-E-B performance hall in ~ the Tobin facility top top Friday, September 18th in ~ 8 pm and Sunday, September 20th in ~ 2 PM. Davidentifier Payne will certainly not it is in playing ns function that C.S. Lewis because that these performances.If friend are a tickens holder, you will certainly get an email through ns newly assigned and also rebooked tickets.  If friend cannot make the brand-new performance date, girlfriend may repursuit come it is in switchead come ns Sunday, September 20th matinee power at 2 PM, research a full remoney or request the ticket value be put in a gift accounting because that future purchases that Tobin facility sponsored events by contexhilaration the box office at . Requests because that refunds or adjust the date have to be received by respectable 15th. Reaccumulation will no it is in accessible aftetr thins deadline date.

 please inspect her email for ns new day the your PERFORMANCE. Contact the box OFFice cream in ~ 210-223-8624 with QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, OR changes come your TICKEns DATES.


health and wellness and also safety protocols:

every attendees will it is in temperature screened before entry.

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Patronns with elevated temperature will certainly not it is in permitted come enter.all attendeens have to wear a masking because that enntrance gate and anytime lock are away indigenous your seats or designated areas. (Maskns will it is in offered to those without).No outside food or drinksNo huge purses, backpackage or bagsTouch cost-free payments and ticket scanningrestroom and also elevator occupancy limited and also monitored in ~ every timesfrequent cleaning on touch surfaces and also usage the electrorevolution disinfectanns devicesmany touchless hand also sanitizer places to be available throughout the venue.Plexns guardns in area because that concessions, patr~ above solutions and also crate office.Seating in ns H-E-B power hall will be eexceptionally various other row via two seat north in between parties because that adequate society distancing.Floor mite for social distancinns will certainly be in location at all queuing locations- Parkinns garEra elevator lobbies, Tobin elevator lobbies, concessions, patrtop top services, was locations, restrooms, and also box distance sspeed will be kept on the will certainly Naylor smith flow walk Plaza and ns Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater.Tobin facility employee and also volunteers will be temperature screened prior to entering ns theater and will not be enabled to Get in if elevatedTobin facility employee and also volunteer will certainly undertake confront masks at all times.