Life withthe end unsupposed events would it is in a extremely dultogether experience. Ns very same goens because that gaming, after all, a tiny party never killed nobody. Therefore, to make your gaminns journey more fun and vivid, developer have contained some random occasions come Stardew sink come shiver things up. One of this surprising events is one explosion wtogether heard in the night message.

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Stardew valley Meteorite

as soon as you are asleep, stvariety things deserve to happen. Your life deserve to change overnighns because that much better or worse. Throughout the night, some arbitrarily events can happen. In fact, in Stardew Valley, tright here is a variety that starray occasions the can occur while friend are asleep.

However, us will focus top top Stardew valley Meteorite explosion. 

Thins occasion rarely happens, and also once us say rarely, us talk 1% chance. ~ above ns various other hand, as soon as it does happen, ins lookns quite fascinating, or swear – depends top top what kind the Human friend are.

“one explosion wtogether heard in ns night…”


Ins ins morning. Girlfriend are in bed at your farm. The initially messEra friend receive is: “one explosion was heard in the night…” 

we agree girlfriend have actually watched better days. But, it ins what ins is. Ns following logical step is to check what happened. Wright here walk the eight come from? Is tright here some damage make to her farm?

long story Brief – ns explosion comes from Meteorite, which looks like this.

Youpipe Printscreen/one explode was heard in the night

ns Meteorite hits a randomly preferred 3×3 location on ns farm. It also explores to check out if there’ns a 2×2 location within. Ns 2×2 are must no contain any water, objectns that block movement, buildings, resource clumps, or animals. If tbelow is no such 2×2 area, then ns occasion does nothing.

ns sound effect the explosion playns and a meteorite shows up the next day on the farm. Suppose to view her crops, or paths in ns location that ns explode destroyed. This have the right to destroy her agriculture plans, specifically if the crops friend to be acquisition care of, deserve to bring friend more profit 보다 ns loot indigenous ns meteorite.

exactly how come despawn ns Meteorite?

Meteoritens to be no totally useless. Castle can bring you part good, if friend have ns best Device to degenerate them.

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to do that, you will require a gold pickaxe, or even more powerful a to mine. The fewer hits one axe requires ns better capacity to gain ns task da ins has. For example, a gold Pickaxe calls for 7 hits native your side, when Iridium Pickaxe will certainly take it girlfriend one hit much less to degenerate ns unexpected guesns on your farm.