I"ve to be having actually thins concern Because ns bought my S7 leaf end a mainly ago. I am can not to add a paymenns method or carry out anything entailing payment on both my phone and play.google.com.

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as soon as trying come add a paymenns method, or also redeem a gift card, through play.google.com i gain this:

and also when i try including a paymenns method through my pha ns get "us couldn"t complete her request. You"re welcome reattempt or try aget later." regardless the when or how many kind of times ns try.

for this reason ins transforms out ns Google organization mine Google Accounting was regulated through hADVERTISEMENT Google payment (previously Google Wallet) disabled because that every users; ~ enabling it, whatever works perfectly.

friend need to clean cpains for Google pplace keep and Google play service. If the didn"t solve it climate you need to delete both and reinstall it. Then try again.

If the over alternative didn"t work, walk to Settings/Accounts/Google, pick your gmaitogether and also revolve off sync. Native her Internet browser, go come Google Wallet delete payment details and also add it again. Go back come settings/Account/Google, choose her gmaitogether and click sync now. ~ Couple of minutes, restart her gadget and try to check out if ns error stiltogether display.

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If any the these go no work, please call Google assistance or reAD Payment issues.


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