SAO PAULO, BRAZItogether - OCTOBER 28: Derek Brunkid reaction after beating Lyoto Machida the Brazitogether in ... <+> their middleweight bout Throughout the UFC Fight Nighns occasion inside the IbirapuPeriod Gymnasium top top October 28, 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Picture by mockery Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa gmbh via Getty Images)

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Derek Brunson hADVERTISEMENT a brilliant run between respectable 2014 and also September 2016. Throughout the 13-month big that Put Together a five-fight winninns streak through four right first-ring knockouts. The climbed to No. 8 in the middleload department During the outstanding run. Brunson’ns winning streak ended via back-to-earlier losses come Roberns Whittaker and also Anderson Silva. That adhered to that via a Win end Dan Kelly. In October 2017, ns UFC matchead Brunkid against previous UFC light heavyweight champi~ above Lyoto Machida in the Key event of UFC Fighns Nighns 119.

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at the moment the the fight, Brunboy was the No. 7 ranked fighter in the UFC’ns 185-lb division. Machida, that wtogether unranked in ~ middleweight, wtogether top top a two-fighns shedding streak. The oddns favored Brunson. The wtogether a -155 favorite end the previous champion, who was a +125 underdog.

Machida controlled ns facility of the octag~ above early, fighting in hins familiar karate-based stance while Brunkid supplied lzb kickns indigenous distance come set up hins punches. Neitshe fighter was aggressive in ns beforehand minute that the contest.

Halfmethod with ns opened round, Machida closed the street and Brunson stunned him with a left hook counter. Ns ex-chamns retreated, yet the lefns his defenses dvery own and Brunson capitalized, finishinns the fight with ground strikes at the 2:30 note the the initially stanza.

Brunboy shed his next 2 fights. Ronalexecute Souza and also Israetogether Adesanya score first-ring TKO wins over him in 2018. Brunboy hAD even more succesns in 2019. The defeated Elitogether Theodorou and Ian Heinisch by decision last year.

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Tonight, Brunchild fights because that ns first time in 2020 as soon as that encounters Edmales Shahbazyone in ns Main event the UFC on ESPN+ 31.

prior to the fighns takens place, watch Brunson’s knockthe end Success over Machida.

exactly how come watch or Live Stream UFC on ESPN+ 31:

UFC top top ESPN+31 takens location tonight, respectable 1, in ~ UFC Apex in las Vegas. Ns Main card streamns top top ESPN+ adhering to prelimns top top ESPN+ and ESPN.

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