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Ashley Marie 10
kou mabuchello own my heart and also soul. Cry at 1 am end thins and i"m forever before devastated us didn"t gain a season two. Slow burn via a slightly
Amins Singh 10
#2nd illustration 16 min ,6th episode 20 min ( best ) #illustration 8 17 min (2nd best) #illustration 10 7 min - ns railmeans crossover love Song or chele
Aquamarine 10
Tier A+ Blue spring drive ins a hearts wrenching romantic anime. Futaba Yoshioka provided to detest guys prior to she encountered her initially love: Kou

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243.baby Steps8
244.Yaharns Ore no Seishun LoveCome wa Machigatte Iru.8
245.Nagns no Asukara8
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Idolish Seven: 3rd Beat!313
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28.Bokutachello no Remake1321
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30.Meikyuu Black Company1705
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