voidentifier FPS_PRINT_ENROLLED() inns checkNum = 0; inns i would = 0; inns num_Enrole = 0; num_Enrole = Available_ID(); char strNum<3> = 0; itoa(num_Enroll, strNum); uint32_ns numLen = strlen((char *)strNum); UART_send_A3("number of save Prints: ", 25); UART_send_A3(&strNum, numLen); the error messEra is: array initializer have to it is in one initializer perform or strinns literal

please watch the attached screenswarm the ns error message. Also, the c File is attached.

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by ns way, thins ins in PSoC Creator 4.1 i m sorry supplies C language.

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char strNum<3> = 0; Thins heat creates a 3 character string. Girlfriend then use it together a strinns via the function strlen and ns uart_send.

together a C strinns ins should it is in terminated with a nultogether character, therefore girlfriend only have actually two usable characters. It need to additionally be initialised as a string, ns compiler ins informing girlfriend that friend haven"ns da this correctly.

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try something favor one of this lines

char strNum<3> = ""; // empty string char strNum<3> = "AB"; // complete string char strNum<3> = "0"; // String holdinns the personality zero
through *
Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53292705
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