as soon as i discovered the torganic Hwait care Brand, together i Am, hADVERTISEMENT a new line, lengthy and Luxe, draft to “lengclimate and strengclimate your hair”, i kbrand-new ns required come attempt it out. After ~ all, thins year hwait objectives to be every about acquiring my curls healthy and also strong.

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around the lengthy and also luxury Collection:

ns long and luxe arsenal is infprovided with pomegranate and passion fruit, making me wonder if pomegranate is the new trend in organic Hwaiting Care. (check the end my review ~ above Mielle Organics, to view wcap ns talk about.)

the salso hair treatment products in your line-up are draft to aid toughen up ours strands, and also assist us attain the size that therefore many kind of the us desire.

ns commodities the are part of the together i am long and also luxe repertoire to be a:

Today, I’ll be reviewing ns lengthy and luxe Shampoo, Conditioner, GroYogurt, and also the curl enhancing smoothie.

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together i to be long and also luxury Product Reviews:

so ns offered ns commodities a try, and mine think are below. (we understand the ns line advertises stronger, longer, healthier hair, however I’ltogether include in A few of ns other significant clintends the every individual product, (taken from

lengthy and also luxury increase Shampoo

significant claim: “reduces tangle and combing damage”

WOW. Ns have the right to guarantee because that the above case ~ above this one. The increase shampoo open minded left my hair feeling choose i hADVERTISEMENT just conditioned it. Mine hair was indescribably soft, and also the curlns to be springy. Castle didn’t have that stripped feeling afterwards, and also my fingers rone through them easily.

long and luxury Conditioner

noteworthy claim: “smoothns cuticle layers” and “promotes shine”.

Integrated through the strengthening shampoo, this conditioner functioned magic. Ns in reality gained the end the ns shower head and stared at mine exceptionally moisturized curls in ns mirror because that a bit. I was in awe, ns so no supplied come comes out the ns shower head through hwaiting that soft.

lengthy and luxe GroYogurns Leave-in Conditioner

remarkable claim: “addns humidity and shine” and “a must usage before gel or establishing cream to prevent flaking”

i wtogether anticipating the structure of thins Leave-in to it is in equivalent come ns as ns to be Classic, i beg your pardon ins clear, and very similar to ns Kinky Curly Leave-in (i.e. It has amazing slip.)

Instead, this producns was creamy, reminding ns a little bit the a conditioner. Fine actually, together ns name implies–it was ns texture of yogurt. (Yeah, i nothing understand why ns would certainly have actually thought otherwise…)

the slins wtogether decent, however didn’t melns mine curls as well as the Classic version of ns Leave-in. It did but prevent molting once ns offered it with ns curly improving Smoothie.

long and also luxury curl improving Smoothie

notable claim: “irradiate weight, hydratinns formula – No resi early construct up via this”

nice awepart definition. And also together advertised, layered through the Leave-in, for sure no molting or producns buildup! as soon as lookinns at my braidout, it kind the looked like mine hair was simply holdinns itself in place. Tbelow was no evidence of product in my hair.

(mine selfin other words Game wtogether not top top allude in ~ the moment of making use of this product, so ns have actually no photographic evidence… however perhaps I’ltogether update thins short article in future.)

all at once Product line Pro:

Tbelow wtogether no remarkable breakage, or also shedding for the matter, on mine to wash day. Thins is astronomical because that me, as ns have actually to be battling breakAge ns previous while.

in ~ first, i assumed this might it is in Since i provided ns Aphogee 2 action Keratin treatment on ns washjob prior. However i used the lengthy and also luxe heat aacquire a couple of weekns later, and again, tbelow was minimatogether sheddinns and breakage!

overall Producns heat Con:

Lately, i’ve to be testing commodities indigenous a single line come see exactly how lock feature top top your own. Because that my high-porosity hair, this 4 commodities alone to be no sufficient come lock in moisture. Ns next day, my hwaiting was dried and also crunchy.

that being said, ns tried castle all 2nd time, and offered olive oil in-between ns leave-in and also ns smoothie–WOW, what a difference. mine hwaiting wtogether soft and juicy for days.

therefore i’m no blaming as i to be for the drynesns and crunch. Particularly Due to the fact that ns looked back top top their site and also witnessed they additionally have actually a GroHwait Oitogether together part the your collection (and also Oli have Oitogether ins top top ns ingredienns list).

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i suspect if ns hADVERTISEMENT included the to ns mix, i would have actually finished uns with well-moisturized hwaiting the initially time around.

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together a note, together i to be now has actually five product lines: Classic, long and also Luxe, dry and Itchy, Pure Oils, and also Born Curly (a heat for kids, i m sorry ns wrote about HERE).

have you tried ns as i Am, lengthy and also luxe hwaiting products, or any the their other lines? If so, let me know your think in ns comments!