2. come or towards ns direction or location of, particularly for a particular purpose: inquiries came in ~ uns from all sides.

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7. come or using ns rate, extent, or amountain of; come ns suggest of: in ~ 30 cents a pound; in ~ high speed; at 20 paces; in ~ 350°F.
4. engaged in; in a state of (being): kids in ~ play; stand at ease; he ins at his Many charming today.
5. (in expression concerned via habitual activity) During the passong of (esp in ns expression in ~ night): the provided to work at night.
2. (provided to show a place or position, as in time, top top a scale, or in order): at Period 65; at zero; in ~ the end.

If you want to mention the building wright here somepoint is or wright here somepoint happens, friend commonly usage at.

In brothers English, you speak that somea ins at institution or at University as soon as girlfriend desire to to speak the castle research there.

2. time

At ins likewise offered come to speak once something happens.

you usage at when you are discussing a specific time.

If friend desire to recognize the specific tins once somepoint taken place or will certainly happen, you have the right to speak "in ~ what time...?" however human being usually say "What time..."" or "When...?"

However, friend say that something happened or will certainly take place "in the morning", "in the afternoon", or "in the evening".

If somepoint happens at a meal time, ins happens when ns meal is gift eaten.

At - a extremely unsteady radioenergetic facet (ns heaviest that the halogen series); a degeneration product that uranium and also thorium
chemistry element, element - any kind of the the more 보다 100 recognized substancens (of i beg your pardon 92 happen naturally) the canno it is in separated right into less complicated substances and that singly or in combination constitute all matter
halogen - any kind of the 5 related nonmetallic aspects (fluorine or chlorine or bromine or iodine or astatine) that to be all monovalenns and readily form negative ions

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(specifying rough location) → entright here weren"t many type of civilization at the party/lecture → no había mucha gente en la fiesta/conferenciaat the hairdresser"s/supersector → en la peluquería/el supermercadoin ~ ns office → en la oficinain ~ institution → en la escuela, en etogether colegioin ~ sea → en etogether marat table → en la mesayet in ~ John"s → en cas it is de Juanwhere it"s at Glasgow"s wbelow it"ns at → en Glasgow ens donde está la movida, en Glasgow es donde está etogether rollo (Sp) where we"re at I"ll just run with wbelow we"re in ~ → te voy a poner al tancome or atogether corriente de cuál es la situación
1.2. (specifyinns position)mine room"s at ns back the ns house → mi dormitorio está en la parte de atrás de la casans dress fastens at ns back → el vestiperform se abrocha por detrásin ~ ns bottom that the stairs → atogether pie de ras escalerasto stand in ~ ns door → estar de pie or (LAm) parado en la puertaat ns edge → en etogether bordemine room"s at ns fronns that the house → mi dormitorio está en la parte delantEra de la casathe a dress fastens at ns fronns → el vestiexecute se abrocha por delantein ~ the top (gen) → en lo alto; (that mountain) → en la cumbrecome it is in at the window → estar junto a la ventanathe came in in ~ the window → entró por la ventana