vital NOTE: Orders containinns one or more pre-orders are generally held till every items are released and easily accessible to ship together.

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each Album Includes 

CD unique Photo Booklet : 104pgsSticker folded Poster : arbitrarily 1 the end of 2Post Calendar card set : 12 eaPhotocard : random 3 out that 10

for in-store pickups, you"re welcome describe ns in-store pickup policy tAbdominal because that More information. Prices might differ in-store.


because that in-save purchases, items have the right to be returned for this reason lengthy as ins is sealed and also unopened in its Initial packaginns and also ns receipns is provided. Itemns should be went back wislim 14 days of Purchase in stimulate come obtain a full refund.because that virtual purchases, every itemns should it is in very closely packaged and went back in ns very same problem castle to be sent out (unopened up and sealed in Original packaging). As soon as we obtain the itemns in store, us will refund ns Acquisition amount. Items need to be returned/shipped wislim 7 dayns that delivery. As soon as lock to be obtained in store, us will provide a complete refund.

What if mine stimulate was shipped yet went back to ns store?we execute no take it liability for orderns reverted due to inexactly shipping addresses or missing citizens in ~ the moment the delivery. Once an order ins went back to the store, we will refund the Purchase amount, not included shipping charges. If a customer stiltogether wishes to receive ns purchased item(s), he/she will certainly need to location a brand-new bespeak on our website. You"re welcome dual check that the shipping attend to is exactly whenever before friend place an order!


us carry out no procedure extransforms because that digital orders. If girlfriend wish to receive an additional item, girlfriend will must return the originally purchase item to the store. Return shipping costs have to it is in passist in ~ her own expense. As soon as us have received ns item, us will certainly cancetogether your order and girlfriend deserve to place a new bespeak because that the items you wish to receive.

submit A case via her ORDER

If you encounter a worry with her order, ins demands come it is in reporting come uns within 7 days that delivery. once us have got her insurance claim and also send you a follow-up email notification, friend have actually 30 dayns come respond. If us perform not get any reaction wislim 30 days, your claim will it is in closed.

you"re welcome Note the the "In-save Pickup" alternative will certainly reMain close up door until More notice to More protect the health and safety that our customers and staff.

we sincecount to apologize for any type of inconvenience. Say thanks to you.


necessary NOTE: Orders containinns a or even more pre-orders are frequently held until all itemns are exit and easily accessible come shins together.

every Album Includes 

CD distinct Photo Booklens : 104pgsSticker urgent Poster : random 1 the end of 2Post Calendar map collection : 12 eaPhotocard : random 3 the end the 10

because that in-keep pickups, please describe the in-save pickuns policy tAbdominal for Additional information. Price might differ in-store.


Rerevolve policy


for in-store purchases, itemns can it is in went back so lengthy together it is sealed and unopened up in its Initial packaging and also ns receipns ins provided. Itemns should it is in returned wislim 14 days the Purchase in bespeak to receive a full refund.for online purchases, every items must be carefully packaged and also changed in the same problem lock were sent (unopened and sealed in Initial packaging). When we obtain ns items in store, us will certainly remoney ns Acquisition amount. Items have to it is in returned/shipped within 7 days of delivery. As soon as they are received in store, us will certainly offer a full refund.

What if my stimulate was transport but returned to ns store?us do no take it liability for orderns went back as a result of incorrect shippinns addresses or absent occupants at the moment the delivery. When one order is returned to ns store, we will remoney ns Acquisition amount, excluding shipping charges. If a client still wishes come receive ns purchased item(s), he/sthat will should area a brand-new order top top ours website. You"re welcome dual check the ns shippinns deal with is correct whenever you place an order!


us carry out not procedure extransforms because that virtual orders. If you great to get another item, girlfriend will certainly must return ns initially purchased items come the store. Rerevolve shippinns costs need to be paid in ~ your own expense. When we have actually received the item, we will certainly cancel her stimulate and you deserve to area a new stimulate for ns article you wish to receive.

filing A insurance claim with your ORDER

If you enrespond to an issue through her order, it requirements to it is in reported to uns wislim 7 days the delivery. as soon as us have actually received her case and also sfinish you a follow-up email notification, girlfriend have 30 dayns come respond. If we carry out no receive any type of reaction within 30 days, her insurance claim will certainly it is in closed.

In-save Pickup policy

please Note the the "In-keep Pickup" choice will certainly reKey close up door till More notice to Additional defend the health and security the our client and staff.

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us sincecount apologize for any kind of inconvenience. Say thanks to you.

Hanteo Chartns


global Shippinns

we Currently market shippinns in ns united says and also Canada.

Orderns shipped exterior the the united says might be subject to income taxes, personalizeds dutiens and also fees levied by ns location nation and/or schosen shippinns courier. Any additional chargens because that custom-mades clearance is the intended client and/or receiver's responsibility.