top top Sunday, January 9, strike top top Titan Seachild 4, part 2 lastly premiered in ns unified States. To to speak that anins fans to be excited because that the show’s return would certainly it is in a large understatement. Streamers flocked come ns Crunchyroll website in droves come watch the first new episode of strike top top Titan Due to the fact that march that 2021. Yet tright here wtogether a sirradiate problem. Ns webwebsite received for this reason a lot website traffic that it crashed, i m sorry resulted in AOT fans joking about the whole debacletop top Twitter.

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Anins aficionados already watchead ns first episode the Seachild 4, component 2 (episode 76: “judgment / Conviction”), yet if you’re looking come rewatch previous seasons, every episode of the immensely popular anins series is Right now streaminns top top Hulu.

when will ns next brand-new episode that attack ~ above Titan premiere on Hulu? as soon as ins the assault ~ above Titan illustration 77 release date? Here’ns everything girlfriend have to know.

once Is the strike top top TITAN episode 77 (SEAkid 4, episode 18) relax DATE?

the next new illustration that strike on Titan (Seakid 4, illustration 18: “Sneak strike / Deception”) premieres in ns unified says ~ above Sunday, January 16, 2022 (and also in Japan top top Monday, January 17).

when will certainly strike ~ above TITAN illustration 77 be on HULU?

episode 77 (aka Seaboy 4, illustration 18) will it is in accessible to stream Sunday, January 16, 2022 top top Hulu.

What TIme will certainly attack ~ above TITAN SEAboy 4, illustration 18 it is in top top HULU?

There’ns no main confirmation regarding a precise release tins for attack on Titan episode 77 top top Hulu, however based on recent history, us have a pretty excellent principle of as soon as ns episode need to premiere ~ above the platform. If Seachild 4, episode 18 complies with ns very same streaminns schedule as previous installments, AOT episode 77 will certainly dehowever Sunday, January 16 at 3:45 p.m. Ens ~ above Hulu.

Photo: Crunchyroll

exactly how to clock strike on TITAN SEAchild 4, part 2 ONLINE:

new illustration the attack ~ above Titan premiere Sunday afternoons top top Hulu (easily accessible because that $6.99/month). Girlfriend have the right to additionally clock AOT Seakid 4 with an active subscriptitop top toCrunchyroll(beginning in ~ $7.99) orFunimation (starting in ~ $5.99). Both solutions market free trials because that eligible subscribers.


Adult Swim: If girlfriend have a precious cable login, periods 1-3 and part 1 the Seakid 4 to be streaming on the Adulns Swim website.

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Netflix/Tubi: Both Netflix and Tubi are Currently giving ns first seaboy the attack top top Titan ~ above their particular streaminns services.