Megone Naidoo ’13, president that ns freshly formed Globalizati~ above and also international Affairs regimen Alumni/ae Advisory Board. Ms. Naidoo attended BGIA in 2011.

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ns Globalizati~ above and worldwide Affairns program (BGIA) ins excited to annoz our brand-new Alumni/ae Advisory Board, written that 12 passionate alumni/ae from miscellaneous academic institutions, consisting of College, blacksmith College, Oberlin College, Ursinuns College, and Morehome College. The plank will certainly be creating events because that our alumni/ae, focusing on skilled development, netfunctioning opportunities, and more. Relocating forward, us ans to continue connecting ours alumni/ae through local, national and global programmatic efforts.“BGIA’s stamina ins itns students. We were thrilbrought about view for this reason many type of BGIA alumni/ae answers come ours call to expand the alumni/ae board indigenous all corners of the globe. Through thins broadened board, BGIA will it is in more linked through those in Bishkek, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Berlin, Washington DC, and elsewhere,” shelp BGIA director Elmira Bayrasli.Megan Naidoo, ns inauguratogether BGIA Alumni/ae board president, echoed Bayrasli’ns comments: “virtual engagement bring new opportunities come foster the global alumni/ae community. The Alumni/ae plank is exquote for this new thing in advancing BGIA’ns missitop top of lifelong discovering and leadership.”please check out below for our new Alumni/ae plank and Executive Committee:Megan Naidoo - university ’13, BGIA feather ’11global health and wellness Researcshe at Stellenbosch UniversityCape Town, southern AfricaMega Naidoo is a south African windy health and wellness skilled through end 6 year the suffer in evidence-based research and also policy, focusing on arising contagious diseases, pandemic preparedness, and also society justice. Mega got her undergraduate degree in biologic and also global Affairns indigenous College, USA, and also attended Globalization and also worldwide Affairs regimen in ns spring that 2011. She later on went top top come get a master that windy wellness in wellness policy and management and transmittable condition public health indigenous Columbia University, USA.Megan's professional job has led her come job-related through medicine companies, non-governpsychological organizations, thoctopus tanks, federal government agencies, and one scholastic institution. Currently, she is a Senior researcshe in global health and wellness and surgical procedure at Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, south Africa, and functions carefully through the western Cape department the health and wellness in the COVID-19 pandemic response. Megan is dedicated to interdisciplinary windy health and also Person rights, and also wishes to leverAge research to guide international policy.Rachel van Horn - Vice college ’12, BGIA fall ’11Eurasia program Team at the nationwide Endowment because that DemocracyWashington, D.C., USARachetogether valve Horn has spent a significant percentage that she scholastic and expert life concentrated ~ above eastern Europe and also ns previous Soviens Union. Rachel is both an alumna that BGIA (loss 2011) and university (2012) through a joint significant in political researches and Russian. Sthe additionally holdns an MA in Russian, eastern European, and also central Asia space research studies indigenous Harvard University. She participated in ns regime in St. Petersburg, and after perfect she undergraduate degree, served together a Fulbright English teaching Assistant in the southern Russia city the Astrakhan. Rachetogether has actually functioned in new York City at the law certain Cleary, Gottlieb, Steenager & Hamilton, the Uns Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia, and also together one English languPeriod editor at Polityka Insight, one of Poland’s top research firms. Now based in Washington, D.C., sthat functions ~ above the Eurasia program Teto be at ns national Endowmenns for Democracy, a congressionally-funded non-profit the support autonomous campaigns about the world.Amanda Maria-Elena Turcios - SecretaryUrsinus university ’20, BGIA Summer ’19Youth support Outrevery Worker at for sure HorizonBronx, USAAmanda Maria-Elena Turcions ins a 2020 graduate that Ursinuns college indigenous ns Bronx, brand-new York, having actually studied anthropology and also Sociology, via a concentration in Labelieve Amerihave the right to Studies. Currently, Amanda is a Youth advocate Outreach Worker in ~ for sure Horizon, and also a tutor/organizer because that ns Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Homework-related Helpers Program.Ruth TekleAbdominal - neighborhood Chairsmith college ’19, BGIA Summer ’18Office cream that the a cook Justice, commonwealth can be fried Courns the EthiopiaEthiopiaRuth TekleAbdominal graduated from blacksmith college in ns joined says in might 2019, majorinns in Sociology with a minor in economics and a Five-college Certificate in worldwide Relations. Sthe participated in the BGIA regime During ns Summer the 2018. After graduating indigenous college, sthat relocated ago to she home country that Ethiopia. Sthat ins Currently working at the Office of ns chief Justice, federal supreme Courns that Ethiopia. In addition, Ruth ins the founder and also host that the podactors Internationalie, an area for prospective and also current worldwide studentns to acquire a glimpse of life studying abroad.Fiona Korwin-PawlowskiOberlin university ’06, BGIA feather ’05high level director in ~ Rihanna’ns Clara Lionetogether Foundationnew York City, USAFiona Korwin-Pawlowski is ns senior director at Rihanna’s Clara Lionetogether structure (CLF), i m sorry funds and support climate resilience, emergency response and also educational projects. Before joininns CLF in 2016, Fiona was Manager of Corpoprice tandem at UNICEF USA, wright here sthe functioned top top the development of a new emergency reaction program. At international Citizen, she took top top roles together U.S. Projects Coordinator and then international programs Manager, leading nonbenefit partnerships, worldwide projects and occasions native 2013-15. Fiona co-founded task Istwa in 2011, a nonprofit organization the created Photovoice (photography and narrative) and also youth breakthrough workshopns throughout Haiti. From 2007–2011, sthe was on ns Executi have Office cream team in ~ ns Council ~ above international relations (CFR). Before Fiona's tins in ~ CFR, she offered strategy guirun come a variety that nonprofit client at ns consultinns firm, J.C. Geever, Inc.Fiona has actually a BA in national politics indigenous Oberlin university and also an Mns in global Affairns focused ~ above worldwide advance and also Humanitarione Help indigenous new York University. Fiona is the co-founder of the production, experiential and brandinns house, Owl bridge Media (OBM).Conno one university ’17, BGIA spring ’16law Student, teaching and study Assistant at Cornell regulation Schoolnew York, USAConno one Boehns wtogether a member the College’ns graduating class the 2017, parsoaking up ns BGIA routine in the feather that 2016. Currently, Connor ins a legislation student at Corneltogether law School, wright here that is a to teach and also research study assistant. In ns feather the 2021, the will certainly receive hins legislation level and work together a litigator in new York City. Prior to legislation school, he functioned in brand-new York electoral politics.Peter university ’07, BGIA autumn ’04, feather ’05bureaucratic manager the ns Levermore worldwide scholar Program, Professor at Adelphi Universitybrand-new York, USAPeter DeBartolo teaches global affairs in ~ Adelphello University, wright here the offer as administrative director of ns Levereven more international scholars regimen and manages strategy connections via ns unified Nations. That ins additionally faculty director the Adelphi'ns international sustaincapability program through the joined Nations-mandate University for tranquility in Costa Rica and also offer on the board the director the united nations Association-united states of america (southerly NY Division). Peter has been named a Roberns J. Myers Fellow by ns Carnegin other words Council for ethics in worldwide Affairs and ins a Postgraduate Other through the royal geographical Society. The ins a constant guest lecturer and also advisens varied international nonprofits.Peter stupassed away in ~ the BGIA program because that the 2004-2005 scholastic year. The earned his BA in political studies and also worldwide & international studies indigenous college in 2007, and got hins MA (through Distinction) in politics science and social & politics theory native central europe University in 2008. Together a DPhitogether candiday at the College the Oxford, hins research study focuses ~ above sustainable development, security, and the future the cities.Sima college ’13, BGIA feather ’12HeAD of creative interactions at the Magnum Foundationnew York City, USASima Salvo is one artist, producer, and strategist functioning across ns fields that intuitive storytelling and also artistic technology. Sthat is the heADVERTISEMENT of creative communications at the Magnum Foundation, a non-profit organization sustaining innovative society documentary practice. She ins At this time pursuing her master'ns level in ~ the Interactive Telecommunications routine in ~ NYU. Formerly, Simone wtogether a study and interactions Other at Human legal rights First. Sthe received her BA in Photography and also Person rights native College, where sthat likewise participated in the BGIA program.Cliff HuntMorehouse university ’12, BGIA Summer ’11Owner of cooking Cliffnew York City, USACliff Hunt ins a graduate of Morehouse university and also an alumnus that the BGIA Summer 2011 cohort. Cliff is a untraditional career-changer with experience in international policy, non-profits, and also assorted food and also beverPeriod sector sectors. He stays in NYC and ins an owner that cook Cliff, a food business wright here he'ns an individual chef, cooking recipes developer, and also author of ns self-publiburned recipe Book Hungry N' Homesick. Cliff ins At this time follow a understand of management in Entrepreneurial Hospitality from ns Freeman institution of company in ~ Tulane University.Rachel university ’06, BGIA feather ’04former director the BGIAnew York City, USARachel Meyer is a 2006 graduate of university where sthat specialty in politics studies via a concentratitop top in Labelieve Amerihave the right to and Iberia Studies. She participated in BGIA in feather 2004, interninns because that the Latin America division of ns facility because that Refertile Rights. After graduating, Rachetogether stayed in Barcelona, Sache because that almost a decade, functioning together a EStogether teacher, translator, and ran a tiny business. Sthat obtained her master's degree in worldwide relationships indigenous the Instituns Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals. Sthat returned to NYC and also wtogether honored come offer the BGIA routine from 2014-2020 together combine Director, Deputy director and also Director. Currently, Rachel resides in Brooklyn with her wife, and ins a full-time remain in ~ residence parent come a Human son and also 2 cats.Diana college ’12, BGIA feather ’11Mentoring routine Manager in ~ ns Latin Amerihave the right to AssociationAtlanta, USADiana Pitcshe ins a member the College'ns class that 2012 and participated in the BGIA regime in the spring the 2011. A native the adjacent Red Hook, NY, Diana left ns area six Short weeks after ~ she graduati~ above come serve together a college and neighborhood Reresource Specialist in south Africa with the peace Corps. Throughout her 27-month assignment, she offered together a 6th class English teacher and also speartop other tasks prefer a institution garden, school library, Publication club, and also experienced breakthrough sessions because that Other teachers. Diana obtained her MA in Cross-social & international education indigenous Bowlinns Green State College in 2017. Currently, Diana resides in Atlanta and functions together a Mentoring regime Manager at ns Labelieve Amerideserve to Association.Elina university ’17, BGIA ’16doctor candiday at the institute the politics science at Leiden UniversityNetherlandsElina Zorina is a doctor candiday in ~ the academy the politics scientific research in ~ Leiden University. She holds a BA in Liberal Arts and sciences with a major in worldwide Relations, politics scientific research and also Human being legal rights native St. Petersburns State College and College, and also a two-year MA in politics scientific research native main european University.Elina i graduated from BGIA in 2016. She internshins in ~ Oxford Analytica hADVERTISEMENT urged she come continue education and learning and come seek a job in research and analysis. Many thanks to she tins in ~ BGIA, advice and also support native ns faculty, she additionally gained a opportunity to spend a year in a capacity the a post-baccalaureate Fellow in ~ AlQudns College. Now, Elina's scholastic interestns lie in the field that experimental politics research, political communication and also politics psychology. Still, she true passion emphasis on interdisciplinarity in education and international participation that studentns and also future scholars.around the Globalizatitop top and also global Affairns regimen (BGIA)BGIA offers a distinctive chance for university students and also recent university graduates from about ns world come take it progressed process in international affairns while working in carefully schosen internshipns based on individual interests—all if suffering life in Manhattan, ns island also in ~ the facility that ns world.BGIA studentns engAge in the research and also exercise that international law; global relationships theory; worldwide public health; political economy; worldwide reporting; and various other elements the worldwide affairs. BGIA has actually semester and also summer programs.

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around Collegestarted in 1860, College is a four-year residentiatogether college that ns liberatogether artns and also scientific researches situated 90 miles phia bìc the brand-new York City. With ns enhancement that the Montgomery location estate,’ns campus is composed of almost 1,000 parkfavor acre in ns Hudson river Valley. Ins offers bachelor the arts, bachelor the science, and bachelor that music degrees, through majors in nearly 40 scholastic programs; graduate degrees in 11 programs; eighns early colleges; and also many dual-degree programs nationally and also internationally. Building ~ above itns 161-year history as a competiti have and innovati have undergraduate institution, university has broadened itns missitop top together a personal school exhilaration in The general public interest across the country and also roughly the world come fulfill wider student needs and rise accessibility to liberatogether artns education. The undergraduate regimen in ~ ours Main campus in upstate new York has actually a reputation because that academic excellence, a emphasis on the arts, and public engagement. ins committed come enriching culture, public life, and democratic discourse by training tomorrow’s believed leaders. Because that more indevelopment around College, visit