Barnes & Noble Covid-19 Updates Updated 3/31: Many kind of of ns stores are closed, and shop that reMain open up have diminished hours. In Many of ns stores, consisting of many kind of that the stores that are closed, B&N ins offering curbside pickup for online orders. a bulk that the cafes are close up door together with the stores. However, cafens the are open up are serving on a To-go or BN cafe app pick-up communication only.

Barnens & Noble Covid-19




Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE:BKS) ins a ForTrack 500 company, ns nation’ns largest sleeve bookseller and a top retailer that content, digital media and also education products. The company operates 634 Barnes & Noble bookstores in 50 claims (together that January 28, 2017), and also one of the Web’s premier e-commerce sites, . Our Nook Digitatogether organization supplies a lineuns of renowned NOOK® taballows and ereader and an expansive arsenal the digitatogether reading content via ns NOok Store® .

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our Mission

come run ns finest omni-channetogether specialty retail company in America, help both ours customers and booksellers reach your aspirations, while gift a crmodify to the areas we serve.

sleeve Stores

Barnes & Noble shop to be open up seven dayns a week, averEra 26,000 square feet, and also feature ns best service, depth of selection and comfortable settings, consisting of ours caféns where client deserve to enJoy deliciouns food and also beverages. Customers deserve to Acquisition our highly acasserted NOOK® devices, and also a vast schoice that books, music, DVDs, newsstand titles, gifts, and also toys and games.


Barnens & Noble’s digital channel,, offers the largest in-stock schoice that in-Print Book title with access come roughly one million title because that immediate delivery, supplemented through more than 30 million listings indigenous itns nationwide netoccupational that out-of-print, rarely and also offered Publication dealers. supplies itns customers Fast delivery, easy and also for sure ordering, and also wealthy editoriatogether content.


NOyes sir uses customers digital books, newspapers or magazines, anytime, on any type of device. NOyes sir analysis products do ins straightforward to ReAD What friend Love, almost everywhere girlfriend Like™ with a fun, easy-to-use and immersive digitatogether analysis experience. With NOOK, client gain accessibility to ns expansive NOyes Store® the more than 4.5 million digital books, pluns periodicalns and comics, and the capacity come enDelight contents across a broad array the well-known devices with cost-free NOyes sir reading Apps™ or on a NOok device.


In January 2003, Barnens & Noble acquired Sterling Publishing, which has actually been in business for more than 60 year and also has actually even more 보다 5,000 title in print, including educational resources, children’s picture books, puzzlens and games, adulns fiction, handmade and photography, cookbooks, self-aid and classics. Sterling posting ins based in brand-new York City.

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In addition, NOyes Press®, NOOK’s innovative self-publishing platform, provides writer a fast, easy and also free way to write, edit, collaborate and also publish the highest quality Print and also digitatogether books and make castle obtainable to countless avidentifier reading customers. Titles the start through NOyes sir push to be available top top NOok tools and free NOok analysis Apps™.