Shaunin other words O"Neal is ns ex-wife the one of basketball"ns Most respected players, Shaquille O"Neal. A successful entrepreneur in her own right, Shaunin other words works hard come balance she career, she five kids and also keeping she friend in check.

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In the challenge that a global pandemic, thins mmaybe be afflicted with Placed everything on the line come tree roots in a brand-new city in bespeak to remain close to she cubs. However as soon as old tensions Among she friend flto be up, Shaunie need to decision who is woryour the she sisterhood -- and that is not.

Bronx, NY-aboriginal Evelyn Lozada returns on a mission to clear her name. Raised solely by her mother, thins Puercome Rideserve to beauty, beauty constantly aspired come rest out that she fairly little world, dreaming of something bigger and also better.

these days, the mother of 2 ins focused on securinns she house and she reputation. Luckily, Evelyn has actually a newdiscovered belief to save she concentrated ~ above love and also light..

Jackin other words Christie, wife of reworn down Lons Angeles basketsphere player Doug Christie, ins well known because that she outlanfood anticns and also over-the-height meltdowns.

yet through a decades-long friendshins hanginns in ns balance, Jackie is on shaky ground.

identified to lug a brand-new and enlightened perspecti have come her team of friends, Jackin other words tries to construct a leg to rehold together ns sisterhood, just to find the periodically being a peacemaker isn"ns always therefore easy.

Malaysia Pargo has lastly found peace after ~ divorcinns pro-basketball pclass Jannero Pargo, splitting she time between L.A. And Atlanta.

yet once society justice cream takes facility stage, Malaysia is compelled come relive a tragedy from her past together sthe deals with the real-life hazards of ns present.

via her friends behind her, Malaysia takes actions come cure herself, her kids and her fractured friendships.

Ogom "OG" Chijindu is ns girlfriend of Kwame Alexander, a abroad basketround player. Ns aboriginal Nigerione experience part significant life transforms this year as sthe takens steps come construct she and she hunny"ns dream home.

but navigating a pandemic, society unremainder and accusation the defamatitop top has this previous gridiron goddesns seeking some justice cream the she own.

as soon as Og brings she truth come light, will certainly the bondns that sisterhood it is in solid enough to withstand ns blow? Or will castle break?

Kristen Scott ins married to former agree basketsphere coach thomas Scott, the child of Byrtop top Scott.

after relocating to Atlanta, Kristen"ns focused ~ above helping her cousin Malaysia cope through ns after-effects of ns Babsence stays issue protestns that rocked ns nation.

with a new eye because that social justice, this mommy of a ins established to leAD ns charge come peace between Ons and also ns rest that ns sisterhood.

Feby Torres, ex-girlfrifinish the Lons Angeles pclass Lance Stephenson, ins figured out come leave she former boyfrifinish in the past and emphasis on her new love.

yet when challenged through among Stephenson"ns old flames, the Brooklyn-indigenous soon discoverns the ns just method come relocate front is come face ns scarns native she past.

Liza Moralens ins the ex-girlfriend that former Lons Angelens player Lamar Odom.

together his high college sweethearts and ns mom that hins 3 children, Liza"ns spent Most of she life radvanced about her ex"s controversial, and often public, war via fame.

Now, Liza ins all set come start fresh through a brand-new thing in L.A. -- but can sthat fully close the Publication top top her past?

Nia Dorsey is ns ex-girlfrifinish the Los Angelens player Lance Stephenson.

A businesswoguy in she own right, thins Memphis mmaybe has taken she cheesecake Empire and also her larger sister, Noria, come the City of Angels come do a name for herme external the her ex"s shadow.

will certainly Nia have the ability to sweeten as much as the sisterhood, or will skelelots native ns previous rotate her newfound friendships sour?

Noria Dorsey-Taggart ins the ma"am that Shawn Taggart, one overseas basketround player.

Noria join she little sister, Nia, to pursue substantial desires of entrepreneurshins in L.A.

yet as soon as her sister"s sorgo past via Lance Stephenson is discovered, installation in with ns females may not be a piece the cake.

seasons 2-8

Tamns Roguy ins the ex-wife the reworn down basketsphere player Kenny Anderson. The mother the two, that wtogether a previous "genuine World" star, proceeds come emphasis top top her individual development after ~ acquisition a significant step in she connection with Reggie Youngblood.

but Tamns need to number out exactly how to make amend when Reggie"ns role in she life threatens she bond via her daughters. And once her ex is stricken with a life-threaten stroke, Tami is compelled come confront she own health issues.

this major life events have Put points into perspective because that Tami, and sthe no much longer has actually patience for she friends" messiness. So as soon as she"s dragged into the muck, she"ns prepared to fight fire with fire.

periods 7 + 8

Cece Gutierrez ins a registered nurse who is engaged to previous L.A. Pgreat and also coachinns legend Byron Scott.

yet quite 보다 celebrating, Cece ins preparing because that a fight with her future stepdaughter-in-law Kristen, who is no invited to your wedding.

Tension between the two proceed to climb together family keys are spilled and fingers to be pointed... Best back at Cece.and when a wellness scare sends Cece come the doctor, she learnns who she true friends yes, really are.

Seakid 6

Brandi Maxieltogether proceeds come battle in her relationship via player Jason Maxiell. Although Brandns may have relocated come Dallas, she can"t continue to be amethod from her ideal frifinish Malaysia because that long. Will certainly her visins it is in even more than Shaunin other words and ns remainder of ns OGs can handle?

Seakid 6

Bonnie-Jill Laflin ins ns girlfrifinish of reexhausted Lons Angelens pclass Kareem Rush. Bonnie-Jill"s background together ns league"ns initially and only female scthe end renders she exceptionally famous and also well-respected throughthe end the league.

Due to the fact that Bonnie-Jill works so carefully with therefore many type of players, she might have actually a difficult tins to run in the same one together many kind of of your ex-girlfriends, next chicks and babies" mothers.

Seakid 6

Keonna Environment-friendly is ns ex-girlfriend and also high-school sweethearts that a current Los Angelens player whom she"s simply hAD she Second kid with.

top top the heels of an extremely publicly makeup and also breakup via the pclass and also ns pons star he"ns been dating, Keonna transforms come Shaunie because that some connection advice and also a fresh start.

Seakid 6

Aja Metoyer hADVERTISEMENT a connection through a famous athlete in the NBA. While sthat and also she sister Cristen may run in the same circles, lock carry out no get along, so Aja does not mental aggressively airing all of your dirty laundried in public.

Seachild 6

Cristen Metoyer has a daughter with reworn down brand-new York player Joe Crawford and hopes the ~ seven year of dating, maybe this is ns year he will certainly finally propose. Cristen definitely has actually she guard up coming right into the group, however ns biggest hazard sthat deals with might it is in comes native within she very own family.

periods 1-5

Suzin other words Ketcham, the life that eexceptionally party and well-definition ex the a significant player, retransforms after extensive face surgical treatment to take ~ above a brand-new challenge: decidinns wcap come do through she life. She penchant for gossins and also challenge in maintaining keys have actually do the past four periods a treat, however it"s an individual Story around how sthat continual her jaw injury year ago the will surpincrease viewerns more 보다 any the she slipns in confidentiality.

Seachild 5

Tasha, joining ns a thins season, is a veteran basketround wife wwater tap high-proDocuments marriPeriod to among ns sport"ns Most effective players is no without itns perils. In between tabloi would reports of she husband"s alleged infidelitiens and also new battles with a strfury who"s stalking she online, she"ns hAD she shto be that problem recently.

She"s Indeed a separating existence wislim the circle, together her high-culture persona and low yongin because that tomfoolery quickly leads to frictitop top through specific ladies within ns group. She"ns a business man wwater tap reach has actually extended from children"s apparel come one N.Y.C.-based weave salon, and sthat shows no indications the slowing down.

seasons 1-4

Royce has been in the spotlight nearly she entire life. Born and also increased in Orlando, FL, love all things sports, sthat ins a former gymnast, competiti have cheerleader and dancer because that skilled basketsphere groups in both Miami and also Orlando. Sthe is the founder/owner the she own burlesque run company, Fantashique, i m sorry travel all over Florida.

the only thing even more colorful than she dance moves is she personality. Sthe ins a firecracker, a strong-minded, thrust womale that ins no stranger come confrontation. If she"ns a sweetheart Many the the time, Royce have the right to revolve it on in a hot Second and also hardly ever bites she tongue. In the future, sthat lookns forward come follow one acting career. Thins season, sthe triens come debunk the negati have stereoform the team dancers the wivens think and continues her find because that love.

Seakid 4

former miss out on Michigone usa Kenya Bell may it is in in the Middle that a divorce native bay location guard Charlin other words Bell, but she eyes are currently on the future. Makinns stridens towards a career in music, Kenya"s drive and also ambitious might occasionally hit a sours Keep in mind with ns various other wives, yet she"s no about to lens the slow-moving she down.

one immediate lightninns pole for conflict within the group, ns opinionated Kenya adds many that dramatic come ns new franchise.

Seakid 4

as soon as san Antonio"s Ricdifficult Jefferson called off hins engagement come Kesha late in the game, she bounced earlier in a big way. Sthe choose herself up and parlayed her suffer as a brand-new Jersey dancer on the courns to to run she very own effective new York City dance group. Thins new addition to ns group may have actually grown uns a country girtogether in north Carolina, yet do not thsquid she"ns as well sweens to soptimal she mind now the sthat ins in the bbest lights of the massive city.

Seachild 3

wife that reexhausted pclass and also current scthe end Speedy Claxton, Meeka is a self-make real estate entrepreneur that specialization in high-end transaction for Several of the larger names in ns sports and A-list crowds. Meeka has set she sights on the Miami sector and also ins hitting south Beach to commit come a brand-new outpost.

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No strrage come commitment, Meeka has been via her sweetheart Due to the fact that college. Their courtshins and marriAge has actually withstood ns upns and also downs of a basketsphere League relationship and has actually given castle 2 beautiful girls. As the new girtogether in town, Meeka has no allegiance to anyone -- yet. However via a clean division between ns ladies, sthat will it is in compelled come choose a side. Inquiry is: will castle accept her?

seasons 1 + 2

at ns Age the just 12 year old, Gloria Govan met ns man who sthat plan come marry: Matt Barnes. After ~ several year apart, Matns and Gloria would certainly reconnect when he play near Gloria"ns hometvery own of Oakland, CA. The 2 dropped in love and currently have beautiful identical tWin boys. In ~ the younns Era the 24, Gloria finds time to carry out it all; utilizing her company significant and also Book smarts, sthe ins likewise the executive manager that Matt"ns foundation Athletens vs. Cancer and also ins heavily affiliated in a number of various other charities. Gloria ins At this time focusing complete tilns top top making a go the she burgeoninns exhilaration career.