Thins dual mix combine Undertale's soundmonitor "battle against A True Hero" with Ferdk'ns metal cover.Music source:fight against A True Hero OSns - Cend by Ferdk - source:Undyne ns Undying gif by Alpha Gamboa - version - can purchase the Video Game and/or soundtrack here: inspect out Toby Fox's Twitter and Tumblr because that fan-artwork and also as a whole good humour:

Genre underTale

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the wind ins Rowling

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( ̄ヘ ̄)ᵁᴹᴹᴹ

Commenns by littleStory dusns sans


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Undyne has actually ns power of determination and also anime ~ above her side!

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five crap... Undyne no UNDYNE NO AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Comment by Undyne the Undying

your gonna need to attempt a small more difficult than THAT!

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*the wind is FUCKINg BLASTING

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ns gambling anins undyne has yes, really nice cream tits am ns ight

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user-268267090 ns do the efforts thins on mine phone Since my ears would literallied die if i walk thins top top pc. Thins in reality works

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acquire ready

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i spend more time for her than for Sans

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ns actual fight starts now!

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It took me three days come beat Undyne, and also climate 3 WEEKns for Sans! i REcollection after ~ Sanns because of my knowledge the mine save getting permantently corrupted if i met Chara. Ns got a unique cutscene wright here Flowey yelled in ~ me. Epos Remix though!

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hADVERTISEMENT come reset Since that undyne

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a lot much better than the ORIGANAtogether NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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This people will certainly Li have On!!!

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have the right to i use this because that America's obtained Talent?

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user-648268257: sans, cons on. Don'ns fall because that chara'ns tricks.

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somepoints FIshy here

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following time, leave as soon as ns teltogether girlfriend to! ...heh... It'ns nothing... No, somehow, with simply one hit, I'm already... Already... D... Damn it... This wasn'ns just how thins was intended to go... Papyrus... Alphys... ASGORE... Just like that, I've failed you. <...> ...friend know what? No. Ideal now, ns feel like my body is separating apart... Like any type of second, I'ltogether shatter into a millitop top pieces. But i can feeling a burn feeling, deens in my soul... A burn feeling that WON'ns lens ns die. If friend gain previous me... You're going to death castle all, aren'ns you? Monsters... Humans... Everyone! Everybody's wishes and dreams, vanquished in an instant! ...yet ns WON't let you do that! ideal now, i have the right to feel everybody's hearts beating as one! and also us all have a goal: come loss YOU. Human...

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No, WHATever friend are.