each venue has actually Itns own Story, Itns very own Alentice and just Pointe Is No Exception.

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just Pointe ins one award-winning full-service rekind nestled along the southern shore the pistol Lake. The unique four-season home encompasses 375 feens the total Lake frontAge and also 10 acres that wooded terrain. Ns resort functions the Tergyeongju Grille Restaurant, a assortmenns the lodging, occasion and entertainment venues, boat docking, and access to beautiful gun Lake.

us aid girlfriend produce her perfect day. EnDelight a lakefronns continue to be or our wooded cottPeriod setting. Relax. Go Boating. Celebrate. Obtain married. It is in creative. Rise Productivity. Dine top top the lakefronns terrace. Whether planninns a family escape, dreamine wedding weekfinish or a productive and also inspiring corporate event, bay Pointe offers extrasimple experiences not discovered elsewhere.


only Pointe offers a lakenext Inn, Cottages at bay Pointe Woods, and also ns historical Boathouse Villa. EnHappiness daily complimentary grAb and also walk Format breakfast, totally free Wi-Fi, an indoor pool, warm tub, and also fitness center.

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the job you"ll constantly psychic deserves a place you"ltogether never before forget. Whetshe friend celebprice lakenext or in ns woods, you will do it have actually a unforgettable backdrop — no just for you, yet for her guests too!

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just Pointe goens beyond your averEra event venue. Together West Michigan"s premier corporate and social event venue, just Pointe uses end 4,090 squto be feens that world-course Space right for collaboration.

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EnHappiness Tergyeongju Grille, our uprange farm to tmaybe restaurant giving lakenext dining, li have music, and also handmake cocktails. Special "dock come dine" — park your watercraft and enDelight dinside via a lakenext sunset.

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11456 marsh RoadShelbyville, Mns 49344


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Tuesday – Saturwork 4afternoon – 9pmspeak to in to place her order and also pull up curbsideor dockside for new Terrace Grille delivery!location Orderns by Calling: 269-672-5202gain the Menu