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Naval Fans is a PVp point device that pirates need to keep a cshed clock over.

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If your Naval Fame ins listed below 0, you will be severely limited in her access come sea-related content.

preferably Maritime Fame: 300,000preferably Pirate Fame: -1,000,000

defeating sea creaturens will increase your Navatogether Fame, when attack other adventurers and also their shipns together a piprice will certainly minimize her Navatogether Fame.

Navatogether Fans ins applied come her entire family.

Peartogether Abysns has stated they are Right now prepare future Components for this reason the various duties can be played by adventurers in Navatogether Fame withthe end gift unfair come one particular next end ns other.

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Naval FameNaval Fame ins shared by family, and also measures ns adventurer’s Karma at sea.Naval Fame begins in ~ 0, can be recovered approximately 300,000, or fall to -1,000,000.If her Navatogether Fame is higher than 0, you’ll become a “Navy”, and also if lower 보다 0, a “Pirate.”each time you force Pvns through attack an adventurer, your initially strike will certainly reduce your Navatogether Fame by -50,000.destroying a shins reducens her Naval Fame through -200,000.death an adventurer, after ruining a ship, will mitigate her Karma not Naval Fame.Pirate Penaltiesif in piprice status, your ship will certainly it is in marked in red, permitting girlfriend come it is in attacked by ns ships that adventurers withthe end activating Pvns mode.girlfriend can no much longer drive the Guild Galley if her Naval Fame is in pirate mode.when in pirate status, girlfriend won’t be able to communicate with, repair or supply her ship via Common wharf managers. Friend will just be able to fix and also reit is provided your ship via Gafur, the wharf manager of the pirate-ridden Kuit Islands.Restorinns Naval Fameyou can gain back your Naval Fame through defeating Sea Creatures.Hans the Velia restores Naval Fame come Adventurers who carry him offers concealed at ns coastal Cave. Quest: ‘ hidden Item’your Naval Fame is influenced by Guild Skills, Pens Skills, Tear that Repentance, and also other Karma Recoexceptionally effects. However, her Navatogether Fame ins not impacted by the Book the Repentance.

Sea Monster Naval Fans Rewards

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