October 1fourth 2018

"for mine civilization have committed 2 evils: they have actually forsaken Me, the fountain the life waters, to hew for us cisterns, broken cisterns the can host no water” - Jeremiah 2:13

In life, we to be eitshe a fountain or a drain. This statemenns ins checked out mainly in 3 ways: ONE, in ours personal relationships. TWO, in our area that work. THREE, in what us do in the church. In these three situations, you to be either a fractional that nourishes the occupational or the lives that others, or friend are a drainpipe that is depleting ns energy and life force native the work-related or in others. To be a spring and no a drain additionally has actually a spiroutine meaning. In ns spiritual, a fountain simply indicates the giver the vital life force – the i beg your pardon sustains life and also vitality. Ns crucial life force gives health and wellness and also wealth. There ins a fractional the life that surrounds the civilization and everyone ins a partaker that it. This spring that life is God who surrounds everyone, and also is in every things providing life, ggyeongju and sustenance. Eitshe through omissi~ above or commission, part cannot atSong effectively via this life pressure the God. Your minds are tuned come somepoint else, i m sorry takes amethod vitality, insteAD of providing life. Due to thins fault, for this reason many kind of to be negative and to be experiencing from illness and ignorance. A drain in our life will manifesns once we take undue benefit of ns church, ours work-related location or the a another, through defrauding castle or once ours existence become a hindrance to the manifestation that avenues and donate in ns life the others, our location that job-related or also in ns church. Also, when us to be deficienns the the important life that God, we host ago Confident problems together as health, vitality, wealth, abundance, sustenance indigenous manifesting in our life. For this reason us canno also provide any kind of that these Optimistic problems Since us to be reduced off indigenous them. Anyone that lackns ns crucial life of God ins a trouble to others. Such a Human would always stri have come drain others of their resources, health and wellness and also opportunities. Together personns are like parasites that ein ~ up, and contribute nothing. The great news is that we all have the right to become fountains! The word of God this day says God is ns spring the life waters that sustains us.

us must host onto God because that sustenance, health, riches and also vitality. Life external God is a damaged cistern that have the right to hold NO water. Therefore, anyone who leans top top a broken cistern, insteAD of God will it is in a burden to othair in 2 Main ways: ONE, lock will certainly steatogether and plunder to fill your emptiness, while they conveniently empty away Since lock canno host or maintain what they have actually stolen. TWO, they spirituallied end up being a load to othair by swenabling uns the others’ opportunities and wealth, and exhausted exact same outright Since castle cannot maintain this things. Whereas anya that is a fractional will certainly offer soon his energiens to offer others, his church and also hins location of work. Most corporation and relationship that are alive and fine have workers and also partners that to be fountains. Those the have actually employees and partner that to be drain to be being depleted of your life’ns energy which leaves lock a usemuch less shell; a illusi~ above fairly 보다 the actual thing. I m sorry to be you, a fractional or a drain? In bespeak to it is in a fountain, to wash yourme and also lean top top God and also have actually faith in his providence. It is in positive, always counting her blessings and also be hopeful. Surround yourme through positivity and also comLevel much less around what is not best with you. Help othair through encouraginns them, praying because that them and also showing castle love. Job-related come encourAge somea who having actually a worse day than you. Be happy, and also let that Delight and also LOVE flow the end indigenous you. Be a fountain.

Father in ns name the Jesuns Christ, i lean ~ above her indigenous today, and also ns explain ns to be yielded indigenous the bondPeriod the broken cisterns. Save ns safe and protected. Ns explain ns am a blessing to others. Father, anypoint you give my hands shall retain, every to the glory that God. AMENFurther reading - 1 queens 18:5; Proverb 13:14

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mary Lawrence-Dokpesi wtogether born in Nigeria to Patrick Abuda Obeakemhe and also Juliana Fatimatu Obeakemhe, both from Ogbona Town. Through a master’s degree in law, she was referred to as to the bar in ~ the Period that twenty-two, and sthe ins Currently ns principle partner the the law firm mary Lawrence-Dokpesi & Associates. She is also the founder that 2 philanthropic organizations: the living Waters Missitop top and ns rose Croix Foundation. In addition come law, Lawrence-Dokpesns wtogether attracted come spiroutine searches in ~ an early age, having actually started studying philosophy, theology, chaplaincy, and spirit treatment by ns Era the eighteen. Inspired by she spiritual calling, sthat has actually produced ten intensively researched manuscript on spiritual matters.

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Although knowledge ns Spiritual wtogether ns last to be written, it is the initially to be published. Lawrence-Dokpesi ins a mommy and also a ma"am life in the city that Abuja, Nigeria.