A rollinns rock gathers no moss. A watched pons never boils. Fish don’t fried food in ns kitchen. And also bean don’t burn ~ above ns grill.

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It is known.

yet wait, host the pha a sec. Of course fish friens in ns kitchen. Wbelow else are friend i will ~ fried food it, ns life room?

and also yeah, beans do burn ~ above a grill. Cause lock fall with ns gprice into the fire. No that i have tried, but ns saying, ins just stands to reason.

See, this is why this two lines indigenous the Jeffersons design template Track bugged ns life hell outta me for four and a half decades. Until finally, about a year ago, i discovered out wcap in ns civilization lock in reality meant.

transforms out, ns must have actually recognized all along. However if you’ve ever before mprovided about them yourself, this is ns lowdown …

girlfriend may or may no respeak to that Ja’network Duboins happen ameans in February that 2020. Sthe created ns Tune “Movin’ top top Up” back in 1974 — which, if she bothering to reAD this, you probably recognize through heart already, but while we’re here, might too have a small reminder…

Well, ns gained to reading about Ja’net Dubois as soon as her passong was in ns news. And also lo and behold, she life held the key come ns secret the ns fish and also the beans.

Dubois plot on Broadmeans in the early on 1960s and also climate moved to television, and sthat wtogether additionally a singer and a songwriter. In ’74 sthe took top top the “drop-in neighbor” role that Wilona Woods in Norman Lear’ns comedy series good Times. Which passist well enough, however left Duboins through time on she hands.

for this reason one day sthe runs into Lear on the collection and buttonfeet him, asking if there’s anything else he is functioning top top that sthe could obtain associated via creatively. Long story short, that lets top top he’s gained a brand-new series the demands a template song, and sthat promises to have a top top hins Workdesk by the following week.

currently according to Dubois, Lear no teltogether she that wtogether spinninns off ns Jeffersons native all in the Family, simply the he hADVERTISEMENT a brand-new seriens around a guy with a cleaning business. However in 1974 all in the Family wtogether ns height rated display on Amerideserve to television, and it’ns difficult to imagine that any kind of TV gibbs in ns US — particularly one working because that Lear — no recognize the George Jefferson own a dry cleaners. I strong suspect Ja’network Placed two and two With Each Other top top the one.

thing was, though, Duboins hAD ga through her own experience the “movin’ up.” elevated in Brooklyn, she hAD literallied managed come relocate herme and she mom come the east side through she succesns together a singer and actress. For this reason sthat finished up creating about herself. And also that course, the Tune fit prefer a glove via Lear’s brand-new series.

What ns acquired wronns around “fish nothing fried food in ns kitchen, beans don’t burn ~ above ns grill” was the i no affix ins come ns lines the come before. In mine defense, it doens leADVERTISEMENT off ns bridge, for this reason I’ll counting ins together a honest mistake. In any case, ns heard ins together part kind that truism, prefer “money doesn’t grow top top trees” or “girlfriend can’t do a silk purse out the a sow’ns ear”. Therefore it seemed to do no sense.

yet Ja’Net’s story revealed that it wtogether about how she own life adjusted as soon as sthat moved up. Ins wtogether about her brand-new home, “a deluxe apartment in ns sky” that didn’t smell favor fried fish and burned beans.

but the still leaves the difficulty the ns grill. That cooks beans top top a grill?

together shortly together i establish wcap ns first part meant, ns kbrand-new immediately what the 2nd part meant, Since I’d lived ins myself. Sthe wasn’t talk around an out grill. No, sthat meant somepoint choose a Short stimulate grill via a flat top, ns type ns flipped burgerns ~ above for years, yet created home — among this things, typically called a hotplate:

Photo by Jona보다 Kovaciny (Wikimedia Commons)

the appropriate tright here is a Classic Prescome Cootogether Touch electrical griddle in all its glory. And for a few years back in my twenties ns stayed in a one room “apartment” in phia bìc Florida with a tiny sink, a minns fridge, a hotplate, and also a microwave. Therefore i can tell girlfriend from endure that burn food ~ above among this little bit numbers ins much easier 보다 falling off a log. Back in the 1960s, the course, Ja’net i will not ~ have hAD the microwave, and when food preparation beans on the hotplate no precisely haute cuisine, it’s still even more appetizing than spooning castle up cold the end that ns can.

you perform wcap you gotta do.

together because that me, i stiltogether fried food fish in the kitchen, now that ns have a stove come fry ins on. However God just knows wbelow that hotpso late is. Ns have the right to only expect ins gained melted down in some scrapgarden prior to ns rotate the ns century. But girlfriend never before know.

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many thanks because that the song, Ja’Net. And hey, i think I’ltogether departure via the gospel version friend videotaped because that ns cshedding credits the the show. I constantly walk favor the one.

Header image: CBs public photons from the Jeffersonns (public domain: 1976, 1974, 1976)