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There is a Bed bathtub and also past save in ~ ns Paxttop top Towne centre on Jonestown Road. Businessens along Jonestown Road/Allentvery own Boulevard.august 14, 2019. Dan Gleiter | dgleiter



Bed bath and beyond ins closing shop this year but to be ns shop in ns midstate safe native closing?

Bed bath & beyond officials shelp this month the ins plans to cshed 60 stores after shuttering 14 places in late 2019, follow come a united states of america this particular day report.

startupcuba.org got to out to Bed bathtub and past to view if any type of of the 60 shop consists of stores in the Harrisburg, Mechanicsburns and York areas.

Well, midstate citizens deserve to breathe a sign of relief. The stores at the Paxton Towne centre in ~ 5125 Jonestown RoADVERTISEMENT in reduced Paxttop top Township; in ~ silver- spring Squto be at 6416 Carlisle Pike in silver- feather Townshins and also in ~ 2845 Concord RoAD in Springettsbury Township, York area to be no Among ns 60 stores that will cshed thins year, according come a company spokesperson.

home goods retailer, Bed bath and also past is based in Union, brand-new Jersey. As of November 30, 2019, ns agency hAD a full the 1,524 stores, including 981 Bed bath & beyond shop in every 50 states, 278 stores under the namens the human being Market, cost Plus civilization industry or price Plus, 126 buyto buy baby stores, 81 shop under ns names Christmtogether Tree Shops, Christmas Tree Shopns andThat! or andThat!, 55 stores under ns names Harmon, Harmtop top face values or face Values, and 3 shop under the surname a queens Lane.

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