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Bell area Jail is responsible for acquisition custody, care, and regulate that a Person that is thmust have actually committed a crime. It takens treatment of inmates the all offenses indigenous misdemeanorns come capital offenses.

the jail has been approximately because that a lengthy time, and also ins is unfavor any type of other in Kentucky. Typically, ns prison holds world who have served Short sentences.

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Beltogether area Jail — basic Information

Bell area Jail, area Jail.Adult. 210 maidename AvenuePO box 478, Pineville, KY, 40977

Beltogether area Sheriffns Office

Address:101 Kentucky Avenue, Pineville, Kentucky, 40977


just how to find Someone in Beltogether area Jail

There to be various ways for girlfriend come find because that her love one. You deserve to decision to search lock online with ns Web or walk come ns Beltogether county Jail yourself. Make sure girlfriend have the inmate’ns complete name and also the correct id number.

Sfinishing a Mail/care Package

Nationlarge Ingirlfriend documents virtual Check

Jaitogether records, courns & arremainder records, mugshots and even judicial reports.
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before sfinishing mail come your inmate, girlfriend should first call the Bell county Jail. Two or even more inmatens may shto be ns exact same name, therefore the should be specific. Additionally, some rule and also regulations have to be adhered to.

some items to be approved, and part choose medicine are illegatogether and also cannot be allowed right into the facility.

Sfinishing Money

ns most basic way come send money come a infriend at the Bell county Jaitogether is through making use of MoneyGram. However, girlfriend must check because that ns inmates" correctionatogether id together it ins required. Moreover, friend have to encompass ns inmates" names, your name, and ns amountain friend are sending.

Keep in mind girlfriend cannot make deposit over ns phone, and also friend will certainly have to develop a accounting first.

Pha calls

ns inmatens to be allowed to do phone calls to friends and family. However, approvatogether native priboy warderns is forced before making a call. Throughout bookinns into ns Bell area Jail, an infriend ins provided access to a phone.

If one ingirlfriend wants to make a private call, there is a pha in eextremely room. Ns billing that the calls is fee per minute, and tbelow ins no link fee. Three-way calls are no allowed.


together a visitor, friend must authorize in 30 minute before seeing one ingirlfriend and also sign 30 minutes prior to finishing the visit. Additionally, every visitor should produce ns following:

to know card; girlfriend can additionally offer a birth certificate, society protection map or any type of other record the the sheriff will certainly approve

Eincredibly visitati~ above lasts for 30 minutes

a inmate ins allowed a maximum of 2 visits in a week

you may it is in liable for criminal start if girlfriend lug not authorised items.

No call visits permitted in ~ ns Bell county Jail.

It would certainly be ideal if girlfriend boughns all necessities via the commissary.

ns visitations to be permitted Wedneswork to Sunday native 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

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Visiting Hours

7:30 am come 9:00 PM
7:30 am come 9:00 PM
7:30 am come 9:00 PM
7:30 to be come 9:00 PM
7:30 to be to 9:00 PM
7:30 am to 2:30 PM
7:30 am come 2:30 PM


refer the mans below come find ns drivinns directions.

adjacent Jail/Prison

other forms the Correctional framework in Kentucky

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